Christian broadcaster unleashes ‘warrior angels’ against Trump’s opponents: ‘We bind, chain, and cage those devils!’:

It’s going to get crazier, the closer it gets to the election.

‘Born Again’ Baseball Star John Wetteland Charged With Sexually Assaulting 4-Year-Old:

Someone should break his knees with a baseball bat.



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if you don’t have time to write an email, here’s a pre-written letter: 

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Please do!

Corporations are the biggest criminals of climate change, environmental damage and pollution.

Capitalism is rooted in destruction. 



After reading over your material, you seem to believe that basically you think if people's quality of life MIGHT be bad, it is okay to abort those people. Wow.

Then you need to reread my arguments. It’s not about whether I think their quality of life is bad, but rather whether the women making the decision have concluded that their quality of life is so bad that they can’t imagine raising a child in such conditions. Also, people are not aborted. The vast majority of abortions happen before week 9. The fetus is far from a person at that point in development. I have zero say in anyone’s decision to have an abortion, so clearly, it’s not that I have determined that their quality of life is bad; women have every right to make that determination themselves and when they’re in physically abusive relationships or have scant educational and employment opportunities and therefore, don’t have the income to take care of a child, they might be inclined to have an abortion. 

You have to accept that you don’t have a say in that either. That appears to be your problem and that’s why you’ve projected the control you would like to have onto me. You somehow convinced yourself that I decided for millions of women around the world. I would never interfere with that decision one way or the other. You’re the one who wants to control whether or not a woman stays pregnant. Do something about that!


Then what is your god for


N.J. bill to remove religion as reason not to vaccinate kids has enough support to pass: undefined