Magic and Mystic

I’m in love with magic.
*gasp from my science and fact only audience* 
Yup. I love everything about it. 
The romance, the power, the emotions that swirl it.
I have full conversations about dragons and fairies.
I visit craft shops (and I dont mean arts and crafts) and buy power stones and potions and incense. 
I read “spells” online and have mystical art work all over my room. Honestly, it looks like a cartoon wizards/witches bedroom. 

I’m an atheist. 

I’m superstitious, never split a pole, spilling salt is bad luck, etc. 

I’m an atheist. 

Now if you were to ask me I would (sadly) agree that no, none of it is real, but how beautiful it is, even if its pretend. 

My point of this post is often I get “attacked” (I use the word loosely) by fellow atheists for my “belief” in magic and superstition- Well, just because you see my love for the magic and the mystic doesnt mean you know or understand my actual beliefs, and who are you to tell me what my atheism means (beyond a lack of belief in a god).

I just hope as our atheist communities grow that the hostility to each-others lifestyles either dies down or is weeded out.