Differences between a cult and a religion.

Although cults are religious groups typically, they have a lot of differences which are quite big.

  • Leadership: Whereas a religion may have a religious head and a hierarchical structure to it’s system, a cult typically only has 1 or 2 leaders who make all the rules and who have absolute control.
  • Communities: Cult members often live in groups or communes which brings them further into the cult.
  • Isolation: Many of these communes are isolated from the rest of society and members may be forced into cutting off communication with the outside world.
  • Coercion: Many inductees are mistreated and abused in order to establish a form of psychological control over their lives.
  • Recitation: Cult members aren’t told how to interpret their religion, they’re told the phrases and motos to reinforce it.
  • Objective: Cult members are constantly told that if they remain loyal and do things for the cult that they will be elevated to the select few who can be enlightened/transcend/attain inner peace. However the goal posts are constantly moved back to keep the higher ups in absolute control.
  • Limited Information: Whereas anyone can pick up a bible and more or less understand most of Christianity, cults only reveal small tidbits of their beliefs at every new level that a member reaches.
  • Alienation: Cult members are constantly engrained with an “us versus them” mentality.
  • Seclusion: Most cults are self sufficient so that members don’t ever have to leave, and most of the time they’re not allowed to anyways.
  • Expensive: Yes church can be expensive, but cults routinely ask for it’s members to dedicate their whole live to the cause and to pay their “dues”
  • Secretive: Cults never openly advertise about themselves, their beliefs, their leadership, or how they spend the money they receive from members.