So I was just wondering what you meant by “anti-feminist”? Do you mean in the sense against the “women are better than men and manspreading is sexism” feminism or the people striving for the equality between men and women? You seem like you’re down for logical conversations instead of mad screaming and I agree with most of what you say, just hoping for more detail on your stance on actual feminism? And where your issues lie with radical feminism?

Finally a decent question! ?

Well, my good sir and or ma’am, I am anti-feminist in the sense that I don’t agree with the kind of feminists who say men are evil and the scum of the Earth, and see women as these perfect beings who can do no wrong. I’m female myself and I find most feminist only want what’s good for themselves, rather than for females as a whole. I certainly don’t see men as inherently evil.

I actually only recent learned of so-called “radical feminists”, I don’t know much about them (are they the new Feminazis?) but if they are anything like other radical groups, I want nothing to do with them.