When I say I don’t support the anti-religious.



I dont mean that I dont support people who believe religion can be used in a negative way, who believe religion is useless, or who believe the world will be better off without religion(even if Im not 100% on the same page as them). 

What I mean is that I dont support people willing to do anything to get rid of religion including resorting to the exact same negative actions a large amount of religious people use. When you try to induce forced atheism or shame people into atheism you certainly aren’t helping the world(or other atheists). 

Not only are people like this being exactly what they often claim theyre against, but they also feed into the “evil” godless stereotype which only makes theist less accepting and less likely to explore atheism and similar topics. 

So congrats, you are doing the opposite of what you want, and no, I dont support it. 

I’m with you on about 90% of this, and I’m definitely on board with the sentiment in general.

And while I think forcing people into non-belief is cruel, counterproductive, and (short of reading minds, brainwashing and purging billions of people… which I’m definitely not cool with) unenforceable, I think there’s merit on shaming people out of their silly beliefs. Otherwise I wouldn’t be doing what I do.

There’s nothing malicious about showing people the absurdness of their positions; the impossibility of their beliefs; the immorality ​of their tenets; its childishness; the pettiness and greed and hypocrisy of their leaders. In addition to the cruelty of the actions committed in the name of beings who are supposed to care for us but never intercede because they are products of our imagination and it shows in the weakness of their character, and in all the human rights violations that have happened through history and will continue to happen if we don’t abandon that infantilistic worldview and embrace rationality.

So I will continue to do my small part in shaming and ridiculing people out of their prejudiced, outdated, illogical and immoral religions because I believe it will help the world in the long run and might even be having a positive effect already. I can only hope more people would do the same.

See theres a difference in turning it around on them and making them hear how silly they sound (if you watch Bill Nye saves the world-preferably all in one night like I did- the episode about pseudoscience provides many examples of this) thats one thing, if you simply insult them for believing in fairytales and being gullable without showing them how they are gullable thats a different hand entirely.

Providing them with facts that prove their beliefs are wrong is fine, Im not against it(though, I do wish more people would judge what situations are appropriate for this a bit better, I mean common dont belittle a grieving mother at her two year olds funeral).

My point is aimed at people who go with things like “youre a fucking idiot for believing in a magical wizard in the sky” like not only are you insulting them and therefore instantly turning them away from ANY perspective that you could share with them, but youre also showing that you lack even the basic understanding of their actual beliefs.

If you want to show someone the fallacies in their belief system and way of life that certainly is how NOT to do it. Youre just going to put them on defence, give them a negative view of other atheists, and make them cling tighter to what they believe makes them good.

Heres how you create a world of more atheists:
1.You live your life as a nice, respectful(open) person.
2. You welcome discussions and knowledge of other peoples beliefs.
3. You back any claims you have with facts, not insults.
4. You provide others with the tools that lead you to a path of secular life.

Now this is mostly situational, I’d be lying to you if I said I never lost my head with someone overly religious who wouldnt leave me alone(most times this is with people who couldnt hear you if you yelled through a microphone with speakers attached to their eardrums) , but in general trying to invoke shame backfires.