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Every single one of your direct descendants all the way back to the first living organism on Earth managed to reproduce. Every single one of your direct descendants since the evolution of sexual reproduction 1.2 billion years ago has managed to get laid. No pressure!

It’s so easy for men to view reproduction as “success” when they do not have to sacrifice their bodies the way we do in order to reproduce.

Ok, I’m a girl myself and I find this statement stupid.

Reproduction IS a success, if it wasn’t none of us would be here today. Reproduction being successful has nothing to do with being a male or female, so you can drop that feminist BS hun. Sure in humans it’s the female who carries the young to term, but in a vast percentage of species the males either carries the young himself or devotes more of his time or energy to the young than the female does.

Don’t you think we shouldn’t say words like success or failure when it comes to evolution? You can succeed only when you have a goal, when you just live on and pass over genes, it is not success, it’s just a meaningless endless process that only looks organized and purposeful, because this is how evolution works. We shouldn’t take Darwinism as some guidance what to do, it is just a description of what happens. Purpose and meaning are human concepts.

While success is entirely arbitrary, I think my use of the word remains appropriate in this context, reproduction is a success in the sense that it fulfills its purpose, to make more babies.