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New atheism is so disgusting that I refuse to call myself an atheist even though i don’t believe in god

Except now you’re allowing one type of atheism rule all others. 

The best way to break stereotypes and create a positive connotation on “atheism” is by living a positive life, sharing positive exchanges, etc. while being an open atheist. 

I understand where you’re coming from(not wanting to be related to beliefs and behaviors that arent yours) but I feel thats more of a reason to say “Im an atheist. Im moral. Im respectful. The only thing that atheism defines is a lack of belief in the existence of gods.” Is it not? 

Because even if you don’t use the term “atheist” the negative stereotype will still follow with “I dont believe in a god” 

I feel, I feel. I know what you mean. I just honestly feel like the community is beyond any redemption they could get from just my personal identity being like a respectful atheist. Like, I don’t think the image of atheism changes when there’s so many disrespectful ones to overshadow that. Like I think it’s so far from it that it’s not a good decision to remain using the label in order to better the label.
(For instance, some people identified with Marxist Leninist communism, but stopped calling themselves communists Bc of Stalin. Sure, theoretically they could’ve kept calling themselves communists to be like I’m not a proponent of terror and I’m still a communist, but the modern label was so far gone from their intentions that it didn’t fit their identity anymore. )

The thing is its not just you though, we have an entire community of atheists who aren’t new atheists.

Its not just your identity(though everyone helps)…

The biggest fault in atheism is we havent quite figured out how go rally. How to build the community that actually reaches eachother a connects.

But were working on it.

Majority of the atheists Ive met are NOT new atheists(and I have met a LOT of atheists).

Thats not including of those who avoid the atheist as you do.

Imagine if they all used the title? Do you really believe the stereotypes would be as strong?

You cant change the way the world sees us by being open about your atheism, but you can change the way a few people do, and those people can change others, you can inspire others to be open about it, they would change others.

All in all we can change the view.

And as soon as Athiests and Anti-theists realize that religious nuts don’t want our respect, but instead want our submission to their ideology, then we all will be in a better position to oppose their ideological and political oppression.

Yes, lets completely stereotype theists in defense of theists stereotyping atheists… That makes sense… You are part of the problem.

Yeah at least we are in agreement that that dude is part of the problem.
I do encourage people to be public with their religious beliefs/ their atheism, I’ve just made the personal decision to stop identifying with the term atheist because I’m personally uncomfortable with the way new atheism has changed the definition of atheism. I support atheists comfortable enough to remain using the label who aren’t new atheists themselves, I’m just not one of them.

In all honesty thats just too bad. Atheism truly doesnt represent anything beyond a lack of belief in gods.

I believe the best way to go is to continue reiterating it.(humanists are atheists-most often- among other sub-groups).

I try to remind people that like “theism” which you cant assume anything more than a belief in a/multiple gods “atheism” is just as broad.

But I understand where youre coming from, id never demand you call yourself something lol, good luck to you!