When I say I don’t support the anti-religious.




I dont mean that I dont support people who believe religion can be used in a negative way, who believe religion is useless, or who believe the world will be better off without religion(even if Im not 100% on the same page as them). 

What I mean is that I dont support people willing to do anything to get rid of religion including resorting to the exact same negative actions a large amount of religious people use. When you try to induce forced atheism or shame people into atheism you certainly aren’t helping the world(or other atheists). 

Not only are people like this being exactly what they often claim theyre against, but they also feed into the “evil” godless stereotype which only makes theist less accepting and less likely to explore atheism and similar topics. 

So congrats, you are doing the opposite of what you want, and no, I dont support it. 

I’m with you on about 90% of this, and I’m definitely on board with the sentiment in general.

And while I think forcing people into non-belief is cruel, counterproductive, and (short of reading minds, brainwashing and purging billions of people… which I’m definitely not cool with) unenforceable, I think there’s merit on shaming people out of their silly beliefs. Otherwise I wouldn’t be doing what I do.

There’s nothing malicious about showing people the absurdness of their positions; the impossibility of their beliefs; the immorality ​of their tenets; its childishness; the pettiness and greed and hypocrisy of their leaders. In addition to the cruelty of the actions committed in the name of beings who are supposed to care for us but never intercede because they are products of our imagination and it shows in the weakness of their character, and in all the human rights violations that have happened through history and will continue to happen if we don’t abandon that infantilistic worldview and embrace rationality.

So I will continue to do my small part in shaming and ridiculing people out of their prejudiced, outdated, illogical and immoral religions because I believe it will help the world in the long run and might even be having a positive effect already. I can only hope more people would do the same.

How do you shame someone into atheism?  Point out their hypocrisy?

You CANT shame someone into it.

Sharing perspectives and facts that prove them wrong or point out their hypocrisy is not shame in my opinion.

Shame has a much more negative connotation to it.

I mean directly insulting someone or making them out to be a bad person or some kind of evil in attempt to get them to see your way… It just doesnt work, it tends to backfire.