Hey, been perusing your blog and I gotta say you are so un-woke. Like ye religion is historically oppressive, but it’s also been undeniably helpful as an existential crutch and if it works for someone else and helps them in their life who are you (or who is anyone) to discredit that. I hope, for your sake, you look back on the days you kept this blog and laugh at your own ironic holier-than-thou attitude. Ps: most people from any given religion aren’t fundamentalists or take every work literally

But people don’t need a religious crutch, their just told that so they will become more enthralled with the cult. Because the damaged psyche is easier to manipulate with lies and false-promises. That is why people often “find god” after emotional trauma. I can assure you that I will not look back on this blog with anything other than pride. Because I can endure the constant threats of hell and “grrr, your just a stupid heretic girl!” because I am emotionally strong and do not need the crutch of a god to help me.