Official Atheist Cartoons challenge: Reblog th…

Official Atheist Cartoons challenge: Reblog this post with your single, best reason for why anyone outside your mind should believe in a god, and I will explain where you’re going wrong. 

  • Remember:

1. Keep your point to one single reason, and phrase it as concisely and as clearly as you can, because I don’t have all day to chase rabbits. 

2. Ensure that it is your best reason, or at least one of your best reasons. You don’t get a second chance, so play whatever cards you have now.

3. The reason must be why someone else who is not inside your mind should believe in a god, because I have no interest in arguing against your feelings or your qualia

My intention is to answer any and all responses in a single super-post a week from now.

There will be no public discussions. You give me your reason; I explain why it’s wrong. That is the sum total of interaction we will have. 

If you disagree, you can tell me over direct message. You have my word that I will answer every direct message I get from anyone who feels I have made a mistake in my response to their reblog, and if I have made some mistake, I will correct it in-post afterwards. However, I will not get into a game of reblog tag, because it won’t advance either of our arguments and would be very boring for my followers. If you fail to honour this simple arrangement, I will block you. (If your goal at the outset is to be so unpleasant and abusive that I feel like I have to block you, please tell me in advance so I can save us both a lot of time and effort.)

My goal here is not to de-convert anyone, but to provide real-world responses to real-world reasons that real-world people have for believing in a god. 

If any of this sounds sketchy to you for any reason, please don’t accept the challenge.

If no one reblogs, or the replies do not conform to the three conditions above, I won’t refer to this again. If there are hundreds of replies, expect delays.

Feel free to reblog this (or link to it) wherever you feel religious people might feel enjoy sharing their reasons for their faith.

  • Good luck!