(2/2) it feels like when i try to talk about i…

(2/2) it feels like when i try to talk about it either straight, raised-christisan atheists are like 'yeah atheists are the most oppressed and hated religious minority in the us' which sits with me wrong in the wake of antisemitism and islamophobia, or lgbtq+ people are like 'omfg atheists arent in the closet youre not oppressed' and i feel like there just isn't a convenient way to talk about how ostracized or afraid atheist people from a religious family might be. thanks for making this blog!

However, we still need to have this conversation. 

Atheists are oppressed. Not always or in every situation, but neither are those in the LBGTQ+ anymore. I will say LBGTQ+ had a bigger battle (they may still have a bigger battle), not because they were more hated, but because they fight for more than one identity. That’s more than one “type of person” for people to hate, more than one to show the true side of. But beyond having more to fight for, I truly believe they are on the same battle field. 

LBGTQ+ and the atheist/irreligious/secular community are both fighting for the idea that people are people. There are some good people, there are some bad people, but your sexuality, gender, religion, or, as a whole, identity doesnt decide if you’re good or bad. Both communities are fighting for the right to be who they are without pretending in order for safety(and yes I said safety, yes many atheists fear for their safety). Both are fighting for freedom, safety, and acceptance. Both are fighting to remove harmful stereotypes and perspectives of the labels they hold. 

If you’re looking for ways to talk about it there’s two things you can do, either completely talk about them separately (And if someone brings up the other half explain that you want to discuss just the one community at the moment) OR preempt your discussion with a sort of verbal disclaimer that you aren’t going to argue or evaluate which has the worst problem, just going to discuss the problem itself. 

Good luck and thank you so much for your feedback!