Do you think humans are inherently kind-hearte…

Do you think humans are inherently kind-hearted (or at least most)? I know there selfish things we do, and we cause plenty of problems but is humanity evil because of that? I’ve noticed A LOT of evil people have had some type of inconvenience(s) that triggered something within them but idk. What do you think?

I actually go back and fourth on this a lot. 

I recently gave up my belief that children are born good. Yes, they are born innocent, because they haven’t been given the chance to make decisions, and there first decisions are ones made without any knowledge(can we truly blame someone for cruelty if they don’t know what cruelty is).

I do believe that there is something in our need to survive that steers us towards kindheartedness, however, there is also something selfish in our need to survive. 

I am someone who hates the grey area, I mean I hate it. I wish the world was more black and white, however the more I hate the grey area the more I see it is everywhere. Black and white doesn’t exist. At all. 

I believe that there are two things that make us who we are, our experiences and our choices. Our experiences teach us things(refer back to when I asked if we can truly fault someone who didn’t know better) and out choices are ours to make. 

Like I said I am truly back and forth on this, because on one hand you’re right, many people don’t do horrific things unless something horrific happened to them, but on the other hand, many people who HAVE had horrific things happen to them never go out and spread the horror. (meaning: yes, most murderers were abused, but no, most abuse survivors are not murders.) 

There is some evidence that empathy- and there for compassion(Ie the ability to understand what others are going through and to look at things from someone elses perspective) is developed in infancy through eye contact and touch- just simply touching another human and looking them in the eye in early development creates kindness. And it is clear that harmful behaviors can create anger and cruelty. It’s also been made clear that we respond better to someones situation if we can relate it to something we’ve experienced and if we have the mental understanding of whats right and whats wrong. 

If you are asking if we are born right out of the womb with kindness in us, I would have to tell you no(its developed, and as infants we need selfishness to survive). If you are asking if most humans beyond childhood development are a decent person, I think yes. If its our nature, or what causes cruelty is something I don’t have an answer or even an opinion on right now, but thank you so much for such a thought provoking question!