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www.harunyahya.com The theory of evolution is a claim from the Sumerian period. Real bigotry is supporting Darwinism, which is a Sumerian pagan religion. All living fossils prove Creation.

Well, I wouldn’t say believing in Darwinism is believing in bigotry, but most monsters of the modern era believed in it devotedly (Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Harris and Klebold, et cetra.)

Now that’s not saying that everyone who believes in Darwinian evolution will turn into one of these maniacs, but its definitely a correlation. And Darwin’s forefathers were Freemasons, so yes it is occultic.

Theory of evolution=occultism? Are you a moron or do you spend so much time with your head up your ass that all you can say is shit like this?

First off, the idea that Darwinian evolution is just “survival of the fittest” is completely wrong, by “fittest” Darwin meant “most well-adapted to their environment” not physical or genetic strength. Darwinian evolution has nothing to do with Marxism. Secondly, just because you would rather live your life in blind ignorance doesn’t make everything you don’t believe in the work of the occult. I would have wore more but the raw power of your ignorance just really takes some time to recover from.