We are human-





Whenever someone asks “What are we without God”, the answer is… HUMAN. We are HUMAN whether we invite “God” into our lives or not. Piety does not make someone worth more than anyone else. 

source- @nighttimeserenade21

Okay but without God humans have no worth. We’d just be intelligent animals, so it really wouldn’t matter how people treated others or whether or not they respected their personal boundaries. Just saying that being “Human” alone is enough to grant someone worth when at the same time you uphold the notion that humans are just really smart primates, then you’ve already run your position into the ground.

You can believe that your worth rests in the hands of the deity that you believe in, however that doesn’t make it fact. 

I believe that there are more reasons to treat people a certain way than just the existence of a deity. I don’t believe its up to deity to see that murder and rape is wrong. 

Human is enough to be worth something, no one said primates are worthless, or any animal. There is worth where you seek it. 

This was an inspirational post to those on similar standing, not a debate. Don’t tear down what builds other people up- if you wanna talk respect there it is. 

It kind of does. If we’re all just hyper evolved primates without a creator, we literally have no worth. We would be just like any other animal, and any worth we could apply to ourselves would be a meaningless social construct.

Why is murder or rape wrong if there is no objective moral standard? I don’t deny that these are serious crimes, but I have an objective standard to appeal to. At the same time, if we are just the end products of an evolutionary chain and nothing more than there is no reason to say why these would be wrong, seeing as the criminality attributed to them would be relative to our own personal understanding. Again, any reason you’d have to think these would be wrong would be a meaningless position based on personal opinion.

Just because there is “worth where you seek it” doesn’t make something have worth. If we’re essentially the same as other primates, with the only differing factor being intelligence, then we have no objective worth.

I am talking respectfully, I’m just emphasizing that if you contend we are nothing more than evolved primates with no creator than all concepts of worth, human rights, and other core aspects central to our very being as humans are simply meaningless social constructs. There really isn’t a debate on this.

What makes you believe all other animals are worthless? What is your definition of worth? (these are rhetorical, meant to be thought provoking nothing more)

I truly do not want to argue this, I wont play the “I’m right your wrong” game, but if you want an explanation of my beliefs here it is:

Many factors create “worth”, the most basic being “existence”. They then pile on “sentience”, “understanding”, “behavior”, “connection”, etc.

What makes things wrong is their effects (negative, positive, means vs end, etc). Why is rape wrong? because the extreme negative effects it creates. And actually youre right, they could be wrong, because like for example racisim, we dont always know what the effects are until we communicate them. 

After all our furthered understanding is what separates us from other animals(barely), but I don’t see anything generally wrong with being like other animals. 

I believe there is worth in social constructs, in emotions, in humans, and in other animals. 

Maybe we just have a different definition of worth.