Dear theist,

You offered a book for me to read. It wasnt scripture, but rather a “non-fiction” written by someone you believe could convince me your god is real. When I told you that I “appreciate the offer, but I probably wont ever get around to reading it” you claimed I was scared. You claimed I was afraid of being proven wrong, or of experiencing god, or that I simply knew I was wrong and was afraid this book would concur. However, the reason I refused to read your book is not that I believe it would prove your god. In fact, the reason I wont read it is because I believe it wont. It’s because you aren’t the first. It’s because if I read every book that a stranger who finds my blog, or that a family member, or a family friend, or just a friend offers to me with the idea that it will “prove me wrong” or “change my ways” I would never have time to do anything but read.

Dont get me wrong, I have read some of these. I read the ones that are less preachy and more conversational. I read the ones that are less bitter and accusing and appear more even headed. I read the ones that make me wonder “what perspective do they truly hold, can it alter what I believe?”

The truth is I like challenging my beliefs. It just so happens I don’t believe your suggested book will do that. Instead it will just waste my time. I’m sorry if that’s brash or something, but its where I am right now.

I simply cant read every piece of literature that crosses my path. I do appreciate the offer, it gave me another book to consider persuing. I did consider it, but it’s simply not for me.

I DON’T appreciate it, I have yet to offer a person of faith “The God Delusion” or similar. Mainly because I think that if someone can be reasoned into a belief or lack thereof that they would already be an atheist

Reblogging because this is a totally fair point of view. 

Some people simply don’t want to read the books at all, and it can be quite annoying to constantly bombarded by suggestions of them. 

Lesson is don’t just shove a book in someones face, and take no for an answer.