The USA is not a Christian nation.



Claiming it as one is extremely UN-american. 

First and foremost we do NOT have a national religion. 

Our constitution not only leaves religion out, but directly states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

But if that isn’t enough to convince you that America is founded on religious freedom and not Christianity then why don’t we go back even before the constitution. Yes, we’re going to go further back than 1789 – more than 100 years earlier. 

1620, the Mayflower, Pilgrims, among the first to colonize here- they came to “the new world” on the Mayflower to practice religious freedom. They were followed a decade later(1630) by the Puritans who also came to be free from religious persecution

The United States is not a Christian nation and it certainly was not founded on Christianity- It was founded by religious freedom, and it is that freedom that ALLOWS You to be Christians, it allows me to be an atheist, and it allows everyone else to believe whatever they believe. To claim otherwise is NOT american, it completely undermines everything we stand for

We are a free nation. 

This is so true … and yet … you elected Donald Trump. Does America really have a definition at the moment? You don’t really stand for anything. Like everything else in your country, with enough money, you can buy anything, so, the christians bought a state religion, the NRA bought state-sanctioned murder, the Koch brothers bought the right to pollute and destroy our planet.

“You elected Donald Trump”, yes, he was elected, but the accusation that “we” elected him kind of falls short when you know that the majority vote was NOT for him.

Yes our country has problems, yes we may even have the worst of all of the “first world countries”, however that doesnt change our values, goals, or beliefs. And it certainly doesnt change the amazing individuals and groups we have outside of politics. There is many amazing base beliefs that we(the citizens, the people) are fighting- both the religious and the non-religious.

We’re fighting for freedom, equality, health, and the pursuit of happiness. We’re fighting for the environment(btw, almost everyone I know was pissed that trump didnt sign the Paris Accord).

We are fighting.

And thats a start.

Dont attack us and break us down, build us up. Stop talking about what we have or haven’t done and start talking about what we CAN do.

Anyways, the post was about base values and fundamental american beliefs. We are not a christian nation.