What would convince you that a god exists?

What would convince you that a god exists?

The short answer is: verifiable evidence.

The long answer is:

There are different understandings among religious people of what counts as a god, and there are different understandings among atheists of what they would require as proof for the existences of these gods. It’s difficult to determine what evidence someone should accept for a god without explaining what the god’s characteristics are (in other words, what you’re looking for). 

If you claim that your god causes miracles, how do we determine that the unlikely feats you have attributed to a god have in fact been performed by a god? If there’s no way to test for it, then there’s no way to structure any level of evidence to satisfy even the most basic criterion of existence.

I can give some broad guidelines. For a start, any sort of personal “interior” experience would be irrelevant. Feelings are not facts, and I’ve had enough fevered hallucinations in my time to understand that any weird visions would have to be confirmed by others. 

Secondly, any presented evidence would have to be testable and measurable. 

Many Christians cite the example of romantic love as something we know exists but is not testable or measurable. However, these same Christians accidentally torpedo their own canoe by comparing a god with something that is entirely a product of our imaginations and goes away when we do.

In short, the question is unanswerable without some sort of framework or parameters. I’d have to ask you what evidence your god is willing to provide and work from there. 

That’s pretty much where I am right now.