I know you don’t agree with raising chil…

I know you don’t agree with raising children in religion but most religions usually say that if the parents don’t raise their children in the faith then they’ll go to hell with their children

This is another
strategy to get more people into religion. For kids, they suffer indoctrination, and since a young age they are taught to believe in god and fear disappointing him or otherwise they will go to hell. For parents, because they believe in heaven and hell, they don’t want them or their kids to go to hell so of course they’re going to teach their kids about god. Parents believe they’re doing this out of love and that this is the best for kids. But it’s not, kids will grow up feeling guilty every time they do something that religion says it’s bad or every time they commit a sin, they’ll grow up believing in all these stories that religion has and will dismiss something that proves it otherwise, their world and actions will revolve around religion, and so on.

Remember, religion is man made, people teach other people religion, and teaching your kids something from a very young age it’s really easy. This is also why most people have their parents religion.