If you can’t tell the difference between Isl…

If you can’t tell the difference between Islam as a religion and Muslims as people, then this post is not for you.

This letter was sent to people in English cities with a Muslim community, including London, Cardiff and Bradford. The letter suggests a list of violent acts against Muslims of increasing severity, including throwing acid in their faces, torturing them and bombing mosques, with an increasing number of “points” earned as a result. 

However you feel about Islam, you will understand that Muslims are entitled to the same human rights as everyone else, and this kind of disgusting, organised abuse helps no one. Moreover, if you are unable to criticise this act of terror against an entire community without a “but”, you need to take a look at your priorities and maybe rethink them.

If atheists don’t speak out against this sort of hate-mongering, I feel that it devalues our criticisms of Islam.