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Atheist Parenting Tips by Karen @

It’s baffling and astounding how Atheists manage to make basic universally applicable parenting practices about them being Atheists.

1. You clearly didnt read all of them where one of them states “yes, this could just be parenting tip”

2. You clearly didn’t read previous notes on these where I have already explained why it is atheist tips.

3. A lot of theists are NOT okay with saying I dont know, they prefer “its god’s plan”, “god did it”, “pray to god to find the answer”, etc.

4. They are called atheist parenting tips for two reasons:

A. The author of the tips is an atheist, so she titled it after her standpoint(they could be called secular, irreligious, and can apply to agnostics, humanists and more– of course a lot of them apply to all parents).

B. Most parenting blogs(which this is from) are religious, it is rare to find a parenting blog or tip segment that doesnt mention god or prayer. This one doesnt. You will never see “pray together” or “god will provide” or “god will guide”- its not so much about using tips that ONLY atheists can use, but rather giving good advice without forcing belief of a higher power.

The reason these seem to be so universal to parenting is because being an atheist parent isnt about making atheist children. Its about having kids who are accepting, yet critical thinkers who can make their own choices. You dont raise atheist kids. You just raise kids. ~ but some do specifically mention atheism

I release more of these on the sixth of every month. Ive already released a bunch. Plus they are all on pinterest and mostlikely Karen’s blog.