You know, it might just be that Canada isn’t a particularly religious country, but as an atheist I’ve caught a heck of a lot more static from other atheists playing atheier-than-thou than I have from theists of any stripe.

(I think my personal favourite is the guy who tried to tell me that you can’t call yourself a rationalist if you play Dungeons & Dragons because pretending to be an elf is a form of magical thinking.)

I have definitely recieved flack from other atheists. Whether its for not being a theist, defending theism, or even defending other atheists rights to have supernatural/superstitious beliefs(even though I dont agree) other atheists/anti-theists can definitely be just as annoying.

That being said, in the U.S. I personally have had more negative encounters with theists having issues with me~ I dont know if thats a locational thing or a statistic thing, but just my experience.