Hawaii is talking about banning sunscreen that’s harmful to coral and I think that’s very environmentally sexy of them

Environmentally sexy is my new favourite phrase. 

Please buy biodegradable sunscreens wherever possible. But remember, while oxybenzone-based sunscreens are harmful to coral, the excess of atmospheric CO₂ causes climate change and ocean acidification, which is the biggest threat to the reefs.

Like I see what you’re saying but I have Lupus and have to wear sunscreen every day so I can’t afford fancy shit… Also I’m a mother to a ginger so… 🤷‍♀️

You do realize that if the cheap(assuming the bad stuff is the cheap stuff) bad for the enviroment sunblock would make the good for the environment sunblock to come down on costs because they would have less competitive prices rising them up AND there would be more demand for them(this excluding the cheap companies that just find a way to alter their formula and remain cheap) …

Are you just assuming that a ban like this would cause a rise in prices or do you know something I dont?(i reread this and realized how rude it sounded, that was a legit question- its very possible you could have known something I didnt that could make your concern more understandable than it first appeared to me)