atheism makes the dangerous choice to believe that God does not exist. Even though they have no way to prove their teory.


If a god does exist and they punish me for trying to live the best life I can live (and following one of the thousands of “holy” books/texts/beliefs that may or may not be correct would not be living my life to my best ability in my opinion) than I am SINCERLY glad that I did not worship them/believe in them.

I personally think it would be way more dangerous for me to follow a text that has been written and rewritten inconsistantly and to make my everyday decisions off of it. Thats dangerous for me and everyone around me. Because then I wouldnt be doing my best.

“God doesn’t exist” is not a theory, a theory is “god exists”. Thats on theists to prove, not atheists. My theory is that this universe exists and im living in it, and while living in it im causing effects that i need to monitor and take responsibility of.