GeekyChristian Question #3


Found a site called Geeky Christian, which poses questions to “atheists, agnostics, and non-Christians” on one part of the site. Decided to address them. Feel free to add your own.


Would you agree that nothing cannot produce something? If so, then if the universe did not exist but then came to exist, wouldn’t this be evidence of a cause beyond the universe?

There are two problems with this:

1. We have no example of “nothing”. When we appear to have a void, it turns out that particles phase in and out of this…dimension, existence, plane, whatever you want to call it. We have no idea if “nothing” is even a possibility. This brings me to…

2. Any time a Christian or other creationist-religious person (such as a Muslim) uses this line of questioning, they’re trying to lead you to their conclusion, which is that an all-knowing, anthropomorphized, intelligent creator deity deliberately brought us into existence, and that’s an illogical jump. Because we know that particles can phase into our existence, there is simply no reason to assume these mindless things interacting with each other could produce a universe. There could also be an accidental creator, such as some alien being that left their lunch out for too long and we’re just essentially the mold growing on it. The creator could also sneeze or fart or something and have us be the by-product of such an action. It doesn’t have to be deliberate, it doesn’t have to be anthropomorphized, it doesn’t have to have all the characteristics you’ve already bought into (all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving, etc.) 

So the universe very likely had a start, but there’s no reason to assume that start must be the deity character you already believe in. You need to start with the reasoning and evidence to reach a conclusion, not start with a conclusion and devise a line of logic that makes sense to you.

Also want to add that if the claim is that a god must exist because nothing can come from nothing then would that not claim that their god itself had to of come from something? Or are they claiming their god is nothing?

If the universe cant simply be, why can their god?

Ive never understood that argument.