“Koreans are all brainwashed so you can’t compare them to Americans.”

Half of America is so patriotic they believe all school shootings are false flags. There was a ridiculous piece of misinfo that was floated around by mainstream news outlets that the DPRK was forcing people to style their hair after Kim Jong-Un. This was a complete lie, tons of Americans believed it and still do and won’t even do the two seconds of research needed to figure out it’s a complete lie.

Americans are one of the most brainwashed peoples on Earth. They have had their consent engineered since their birth. Ya wanna test this?

1 – Refuse to say the pledge of allegiance.

2 – Say anything negative about the military.

3 – Question Capitalism in any way.

4 – Say that America isn’t the best country in the world.

5 – Make a critique of mainstream American culture.

Do any of these things amoung others and an army of jingoistic super-patriots will descend upon you like an angry avalanche of stupidity with the exact same copy paste arguements they’ve been taught to rehearse.

6. Question the prison industrial complex and it’s inherent racism and blatent unequal treatment of crimes and those accused.

7. Talk about the colonialist history of America and how it was founded on genocide and slavery.

Seconding as someone who refused to say the pledge of allegiance.