Awkward Atheist #114







Getting constant “I’ll pray for you"s when a loved one passes away.

I actually really appreciate it when people say this.

They care enough to put time into doing something that they think will help you. While I don’t think God is real or would help, it does help knowing another person cares enough to spend spiritual time on me.

This is why it really depends on the person and why you shouldnt assume.

I personally would feel no different with “Ill pray for you” as “Im sorry for your loss”.

Im not sure with death that there is anything you can *say* to help though.

Appreciate these little gestures…the person means well and it means they want to end your suffering…they know no other way….they do the same in their own difficult times so just say a thank you

I only partially agree.

If they dont known you well and this occurs thats one thing, but if youve expressed discomfort with it and they do it continually then thats not something to be appreciative of.

I honestly believe that its more respectful to NOT assume and say things like that, but I understand that its a habit to be broken and many people haven’t seen the perspective of why they shouldnt assume yet.

If I may weigh in: the presumption that we all share a common belief and that prayer is what we need to see us through is blind religious hubris similar to the notion that the universe should all celebrate the same holidays. Feel free to offer condolences as you please as a kindness, but spare me your subtle little push to include me in something that I do not believe. People suffering have enough to deal with without this insensitive nonsense.

^^^^^^ THAT ^^^^^^