Women dont owe you your story.

A lot of women I know are open and will share their stories of abuse, stalking, sexual assault and rape. They are strong, and you should listen.

Please listen.

But, that being said, a lot of women will speak up against rape culture or how prevalent this issue is in our society, and then be attacked or thoroughly questioned about their experiences. Assumptions made about what they have and have not experienced. Told that if they dont talk about their own experiences or share every detail of their story that its not happening.

It is happening. And there are women who do and have shared their stories. But the ones who dont are still allowed to talk about the problem. They dont owe you their story. You are not entitled to knowing the details of their darkest experiences. You are not entitled to details of any of their experiences.

Everyone should be talking about this problem, but just because they dont announce it or give details doesnt mean they havent experienced it.