I might not give up chicken…

My plan was to become a vegetarian by the end of this year.

Sustainability is the reason. Lower my footprint. Become more eco-friendly.

I gave up a different category of meat every four months.

I gave up pork on New Years- super easy.

Gave up beef at the end of april- I miss hamburger, but its okay.

I was supposed to give up poultry at the end of August, but I already choose to switch poultry with seafood(I only eat tuna and shrimp).

I just really don’t know if I want to give up poultry yet. I mean, I know I have until the end of the year, but I don’t know.

I’m constantly back and forth on “This is a start, and its okay if I continue to eat chicken because limiting my meat intake that much is already a huge difference” and “I need to commit more to the earth and stop choosing convenience over the planets health”.

Im lost somewhere between being easy on myself for such a huge change and admitting that my discomfort isnt more important than the planets discomfort.

I also thought about being a pescatarian for a while too, but I figure with nets being a large percentage of waste in our oceans maybe poultry is better?

For the record I also limit other animal products. I only use cheese, milk, eggs, and butter for cooking. I use almond milk for drinking and eating cereal. And I have the occasional french yogurt.

I don’t know, guys, maybe Ill just be a Pollotarian for a while.