Thanks for standing up to Amore more ore re. I…

Thanks for standing up to Amore more ore re. I've been following their blog for weeks now and its a cringe fest. They're anti-Semitic, homophobic, sexist, and believe equality and human rights are the work of the devil. You have way more courage then me to take them on. While you're at it, I suggest checking out a blog called Anti-Christophobia. They have the biggest persecution complex I've ever seen, and are a bunch of hypocrites. Best of luck!

Sorry this took so long to get back to! I’ve moved addresses to go back to uni again so I’m a tad busy!

To be perfectly honest? The guy came at me first and just ruffled my feathers lol I’ve no idea who he is, but what little I saw he doesn’t seem particularly nice or particularly up to using common sense.

He also apparently doesn’t check his mentions I guess lol

Ah well. It’s no problem, though. If you want me to take a look at things, feel free to point them out to me