I'm an ex-Catholic. The current abuse sca…

I'm an ex-Catholic. The current abuse scandals and how they were handled was the nail in the coffin for me. I feel very agnostic now. Mostly, I just want to live and focus on the good things around me. Have you ever talked to people about such a transition?

Honestly, focusing on the good is really easy.

If you struggle with fears from your religion its best to acknowledge them, assess why you feel that way, and then say “but I can think this way now” and move on to better thoughts.

You can use the rubberband method. Three on one hand and switch wrists when you have a positive thought, you have to move all three to the other side.

If your issue is the lack of ritual there are many humanist and secular rituals you could enjoy. You can also just create habits that make you feel better.

Sorry this isnt a great answer…