Hi 😊 I’ve just recently started getting…

Hi 😊 I’ve just recently started getting kinda comfortable with calling myself an atheist. Do you have any advice for someone who wasn’t necessarily raised religious, but still has some anxiety and guilt about being atheist?

Look for the positives in atheism.

We have so much power to change our own lives, to change other peoples lives, to change the world, to change the future.

We have all this power, and its in our choices. We can quite literally just choose to be good.

You can choose to be a good listener, and if you struggle you can choose to develop better habits that help you be a good listener. And you can choose to do all you can with what you learn by listening to empower other people. To do more good.

Plus we have all this responsibility, and yeah it can be daunting, but also, when you take responsibility for the bad stuff you do you’re making a choice to make the world a little better. And when you take responsibility for changing that bad, or for doing good youre making the world better.

Plus, the fact that our lives on this earth are limited makes it special. Right now, in this very moment YOU are alive. And its not going to last forever, its not going to happen again at some other place when its over. Right now you exist. “Once in a lifetime” is how we describe things that are rare but great, life is the once.

There is so much wonder and awe to being an atheist. So much relief that you are special simply for being you. That you have evidence of your strength simply by looking back on what all youve done. Your power doesn’t come from some other unearthly being, it comes from you and your community.

Dont feel guilty. You are able to make the choice to live your life to the best of the ability instead of following the mostlikely false word of one most likely non existance, out of the many most likely non existance gods/goddesses.

You are going to do your best. Even if your best isnt always the same, todays best may be higher or better than tomorrows, but you can still do your best.

You are going to take every situation and get the chance to evaluate it independently and if new info comes you can use that to change your perspectives.

Youre allowing yourself so many opportunities and so much positivity.

I hope it all works out for you💚