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Cannot fucking believe that people are still uncritically reblogging that terrible post about how us gays and pocs are only atheists because of religious trauma while white cishets can only come to atheism through the dreaded evil logic

“normal people all worship gods like they’re supposed to, something should be deeply wrong with you to justify you being an atheist” – people who are allegedly woke

Periodic reminder that that post explicitly referred to the “cult of science” and several thousand ostensibly progressive people saw absolutely nothing wrong with that framing.

Its about time.

I'm an ex-Catholic. The current abuse sca…

I'm an ex-Catholic. The current abuse scandals and how they were handled was the nail in the coffin for me. I feel very agnostic now. Mostly, I just want to live and focus on the good things around me. Have you ever talked to people about such a transition?

Honestly, focusing on the good is really easy.

If you struggle with fears from your religion its best to acknowledge them, assess why you feel that way, and then say “but I can think this way now” and move on to better thoughts.

You can use the rubberband method. Three on one hand and switch wrists when you have a positive thought, you have to move all three to the other side.

If your issue is the lack of ritual there are many humanist and secular rituals you could enjoy. You can also just create habits that make you feel better.

Sorry this isnt a great answer…


Guys Im taking a break!

There might be the occasional post on here, but its not going to be as often as normal.

Hopefully I will come back to it reenergized, but four years in Im feeling a little drained by it.

See you soon?



Having bad days doesn’t erase the progress you’ve made.



The Limits of Respect


People using faith to bring positivity into their lives can be a beautiful thing. However when faith is taken to the extremes and used to silence oppress and undermine ones humanity, we have a problem. Let us not bring on a new dark ages!

note- respect doesn’t mean giving them whateve…

note- respect doesn’t mean giving them whatever they want. It means hearing them out and letting them have voice/be their own person(within reason).

Atheist Parenting Tips by Karen @



“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

— Howard Thurman




“I want a man who…”

If this was your response to my post about raising boys and girls the same, I’m going to need you to reevaluate.

If you look at a post about allowing* boys to be gentle, feel emotions, or explore/find themselves without being forced into a role and your response is “I dont want to marry a man like that”, you are selfish.

Men are not here for your pleasure or benefit.

Men are allowed to be themselves.

If you dont like who they are when theyre themselves, then dont marry them! Its not that hard.

They dont have to look, speak, act, or like the things you think they should like. They get to decide. They get to exist the way they are even if it doesnt fit y o u r preferences.

Leave them be.

And they say men use women….

Please dont use this post to make blanket statements at blanket statments. Its a dangerous game.

This post has nothing to do with whether or not women are used by men in any context.

For the record, this post goes both ways. There are definitely men who say “I want a women who…”, but I chose to focus on the one half of the problem I was dealing with at the time.



You’re still alive despite everything, and i’m so proud of you for that