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Mocking someone is childs play.

Bullying someone for using their human rights to freedom of thought and belief is plain ignorant.

Generalization is harmful.

Criticism of specific religions, beliefs, and ideologies is fair game.









John Mulaney, a man who is iconically known for loving his wife, after being told by Jerry Seinfeld that his wife only thinks shes good at something

Well done OP, you’ve managed to capture the moment John’s spirit left his body

Jerry’s lucky that John is too polite to throw hands

Okay but I just went and watched this for myself and it’s WORSE

He’s. So uncomfortable. It’s obvious. I cut out the part where John kind of muttered, “That is true, isn’t it” about how all men think they’re funny, but his face is just screwed up in this ‘oh god what have i done what have i signed up for this is not good and this will probably go into my next comedy special of awkwardness’

Just watched this omg bless john bc jerry just keeps trying to do some “take my wife” bullshit and john very politely goes no, no.

proud of John for restraining himself from murdering a man on camera

What’s so horrifying about this to me is that this is literally Jerry Seinfeld trying to teach John Mulaney how to gaslight his wife.

Look at that dialogue. “She thinks she knows.” He’s trying to get Mulaney to see his wife’s expertise as instead a weird misperception. He’s coaching him to undercut his wife’s confidence in the truth and her own abilities.

And Mulaney replies exactly the right way: “She does know.” He asserts not only that she’s perceiving the world accurately, but that she is an expert at something he’s not good at.

Dudes, don’t take this shit from other dudes. Mulaney isn’t by any means perfect but he aced this. Stand for the truth. Defend women’s objectivity. Promote women’s expertise.

If you’ve watched comedians in cars Jerry does shit like this a lot.

Not just with this, but he constantly argues with his guests about what THEY experience. About their feelings. Because, clearly he has a better understanding about them than they do.

He is a scary human being.



hey guYs!!!!!! GUESS WHAT!!!!!! forced intimacy is always abuse!!!!!! forced sexual intimacy is called RAPE!!!!!! rape is a form of ABUSE!!!!! IF UR PARTNER (OR ANYONE) DOESNT WANT TO BE INTIMATE (SEXUALLY OR NOT) AND YOU ARE FORCING IT ON THEM, IT IS ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!


Not that cosmopolitan mags have ever been great,

But shout out to cosmo for supporting sexual harassment of a man and calling it “funny” in their August 2018 confession section…

“Naturally my hand just went to slap his bum” no. You made a conscious decision to violate him.

You should feel disgusted and ashamed.

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Black women stay leading the way. Especially in the fight for Civil Rights.

Pictured: Therese Patricia Okoumou, Elizabeth Eckford, Bree Newsome, Rosa Parks (and one of my faves, Gloria Richardson)

The fact that I dont know all of these stories pisses me off.

Men and sex.


A man is expected and assumed to love sex at all times

What man doesnt love sex? 

A man doesnt want a girl for anything but sex, right?

A woman raping a man? Any mans dream in a nutshell. 

Every boy only has one thing on his mind.

Your boyfriend doesnt want to have sex with you ? he must be cheating. 

You two arent having sex? Why are you holding out on him? 

You know he just wants to fuck you. 

Why havent you hit that yet? Is she holding out on you? 

How often do you hear about a man choosing to not have sex? How often do you hear about it in a positive way?

Why arent men provided with a chance to say no? Why are they EXPECTED to want sex? Why are we allowing these assumptions to continue? 

Dear men,
You dont have to want sex. You can say no. You can say no for one night, you can wait until your at a certain point in a relationship, you can wait until you’re married, you can have little to no interest at all. You can say no. You can admit and be not ready for sex. If you say no and someone continues, thats rape and they are monsters – Im sorry if you ever experience this. I’m sorry if you currently or ever feel like you need to be sexually ready at all times. I’m sorry that youre not given the chance to not want sex. I’m sorry you arent always given the choice because people expect to know the answer. I’m sorry. 

 Lets speak out, we cant change everyones mind, but we can introduce some new perspective. Lets start a new conversation. 

*note- Opening this conversation does NOT damage or take away from the discussions of woman in sexual situations ~ its simply expanding on the topic*


Men have a right to say no.

Men don’t have to be up for sex 24/7.

Men are not set with their only goal being sex.


and it doesnt make them less of a man.



When I first saw the #20gayteen tag I 100% was trying to figure out why people were talking about gay teens specifically. Why are there twenty of them? What is this referencing?

And then I got it.



Don’t get me wrong, I am all for emotion being used as a tool in an argument.

I am all for using examples of suffering children as real examples to why X thing is bad or why R thing doesn’t make sense(truth is somethings hurt kids, if it does, this can be a great point in an argument/discussion/debate).

This is especially common with anti-theists fighting religion.

Just stop using childrens faces to do it. Those are real children. Those pictures are real.


Especially if that point is that something is harmful to children.

You are no better than the thing you are fighting.

I didnt think it had to be said but EXPLOITING CHILDREN TO MAKE A POINT IS WRONG. DO. NOT. DO. IT!!!!!

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“I have something to say to the religionists who feels atheists never say anything positive: You are an intelligent human being. Your life is valuable for its own sake. You are not second-class in this universe, deriving meaning and purpose from some other mind. You are not inherently evil – you are inherently human, possessing the positive, rational potential to help make this a world of morality, peace, and joy.

Trust yourself.” ~~ Dan Barker

Great words from a good man.





Ya retards calling me gross for saying people should get paid for putting babies up for adoption, but you would rather kill them

Selling children and stopping a pregnancy are not the same thing.

Money should never be a factor in adoption.

If you are struggling financially you should be able to get help(not from adoption), if you have money you wont need it from placing your child.

Adoption should never be about a bioparent getting a financial gain.

Terminating a pregnancy is exactly that, the end of a pregnancy. Its termination of an embryo(majority of the time), or at most a fetus. It stops an unwanted pregnancy.

Selling children is not going to fix the adoption system we have going, it will make it worse.

We already have a problem with lower economical families being more likely to have their children put up for adoption due to their economical status. This is not a solution. This would separate more families that DO NOT need to be separated.

This is NOT a good idea.

You can not buy children.

I dont actualy wabt this. Im putting to light that you guys are fin killing babjes but to selm a baby make me the sick one

Thats why you have an entire separate post about how selling babies is a (and I quote) reform, and will fix the adoption system, as well as a solution to abortion?

Yeah, okay.

Joke or not, you are clearly lacking in knowledge about both subjects.