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It sucks that you have to debate against these…

It sucks that you have to debate against these anon creationists : >

Ya it royally sucks, but it’s so much fun too! Their arguments are more flimsy than a wet bible.

You rock, and your blog rocks

You rock, and your blog rocks


You rock.


Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot recently, I’m just trying to come up with new things to discuss, I’m tired of just using pics/memes. I want to educate people!!!

I find so much comfort in your blog

I find so much comfort in your blog

I’m glad you do! *Hugs you for bonus comfort*

How can "adults" who believe in imag…

How can "adults" who believe in imaginary friends tell you to grow up

Perhaps for the same reason I have had several nudist blogs telling me I’m “indecent”. Apparently Christianity is popular among nudists…

religion-is-a-mental-illness: Theist mindset….


Theist mindset.

“I’m too stupid to understand science so I yell at anyone who tries to correct me.”

feminists-against-feminism: kajiosblog: femin…





This article’s title is rather misleading.  They aren’t encouraging women to somehow disable their fetuses in order to use them for organs or something like that.  They aren’t encouraging anything.

The truth of the matter is that expecting mothers who find out that their baby will be born with fatal defects will be given the option to carry out the birth, rather than terminate early, in order to allow for organ donation.  Note this this is simply an option, and there is no incentive or penalty for either choice.


don’t worry guys, this article’s title is misleading, and by the article title, I mean I’m misleading by suggesting it is misleading. See, it doesn’t say what I think it sounds like that no one else thought, it says exactly like what you thought it sounds like, but they’re not being *encouraged* to harvest live babies organs, no no no nonononon-n-n-n-n-n-no, they just ARE harvesting organs from disabled babies :), it’s just an option (that they are told about specifically and therefor encouraged in some regard) to do that in western society somehow 🙂 *no mention of how horrifying and violating that is*

You misunderstand; the babies will die naturally before the organ donation occurs. Euthanasia is illegal in the UK, so there will be no harvesting “live babies organs”.  No babies are being killed.  That’s why the article is misleading.

The only thing occurring is that expectant mothers who would otherwise abort their child due to them having no chance of living, are now being informed of the option to instead carry the terminal child to term so that their organs may be donation post-mortem.

gotcha. Someone already corrected me in another thread too.

I don’t see the problem, if the baby is born acephlic or otherwise so malformed as to not survive long, why not use the ‘good’ organs to save another life?

Honestly I don't know why you hate religi…

Honestly I don't know why you hate religion, religious people, and everything in that demographic… But I honestly feel sorry for you. I'm sorry that you have so much pent-up resentment and anger. I really hope you learn to grow up one day… It might not be fun to grow up but literally no one takes you seriously until you do.

But i don’t waaaannnnaaa grow up! Whaaa! *sobs*

Do you ever feel like some of your posts are d…

Do you ever feel like some of your posts are disrespectful towards Christians? Like atheism is cool and stuff, but shouldn't we all respect each other?

I’ll respect religion the day it respects women, gays, non-white races, atheists and children.

you're hilarious. only we're laughin…

you're hilarious. only we're laughing at you. not with you.

Why not both?