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If they can get you to be afraid, they can get you to stop thinking. That’s why religion and politics prey so much on your fears. It’s also why religion and politics go hand-in-hand.

“The problem with religion, because it’s been sheltered from criticism, is that it allows people to believe en masse what only idiots or lunatics could believe in isolation.”

Sam Harris

“Religion is not merely a tool to oppress the masses, it is a self perpetuating scam that leads the masses to oppress themselves.”

Michael Sherlock

“What could possibly go wrong with living your life by following ancient laws written by anonymous, ignorant, racist, sexist, superstitious authors in dead languages, who believed everything they couldn’t explain in the word was magic?”

“That awkward moment when God has the same values as the men who lived 2000-3000 years ago.”

““Respect for religion” has become a code phrase meaning “fear of religion”. Religions, like all other ideas, deserve criticism, satire, and yes, our fearless disrespect.”

Salman Rushdie

“Eventually mythology will include the god you worship.”

“I’m not an atheist because I’m ignorant of the reality of scripture. I am an atheist because religious scripture is ignorant of reality.”

“The line I’m drawing here is that there are religions and belief systems, and objective truths. And if we’re going to govern a country, we need to base that governance on objective truths, not your personal belief system.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson

“God is extremely offended by gays, women and apostates. Genocide, rape, murder, pedophilia, not so much.”