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Ya retards calling me gross for saying people should get paid for putting babies up for adoption, but you would rather kill them

Selling children and stopping a pregnancy are not the same thing.

Money should never be a factor in adoption.

If you are struggling financially you should be able to get help(not from adoption), if you have money you wont need it from placing your child.

Adoption should never be about a bioparent getting a financial gain.

Terminating a pregnancy is exactly that, the end of a pregnancy. Its termination of an embryo(majority of the time), or at most a fetus. It stops an unwanted pregnancy.

Selling children is not going to fix the adoption system we have going, it will make it worse.

We already have a problem with lower economical families being more likely to have their children put up for adoption due to their economical status. This is not a solution. This would separate more families that DO NOT need to be separated.

This is NOT a good idea.

You can not buy children.

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One of two fake abortion clinics on the same street as the REAL center, the EMW’s Women Center here in downtown Louisville. This one is right next door to the actual clinic and this place is seriously a nightmarish hell-hole for any unsuspecting women tricked by the anti’s. They assure you this this the abortion clinic, they get you inside, and then offer you food and drink—which of course, means that once you realize your mistake, you can’t run next door and catch your actual appointment, since you need to fast.

Women have come out of this building crying, and on a few rare occasions, without their pants. They take you to a back room for an ultrasound, have you remove your pants, and then begin lecturing you on the sins of aborting. They do not give you back your pants until you have listened, and a few women tricked this far refused to listen and stormed out furious, ashamed, and in their underwear.

This is the anti-choice agenda—lying, tricking, shaming, and embarrassing women to the brink of hysterics in hopes that she carry the pregnancy to term. Forcing her, through lies and manipulation, to do with her body what THEY want, not what is best for her.

There is no “choice” at the Louisville “Women’s Choice” clinics. Just abuse, shame, and bigots who would rather undress a woman to make her feel vulnerable and then explain how awful of a person she is than let her make HER. CHOICE.

I reblogged this at first without checking if it was legit but it turns out it is legit and people need to be warned. A simple google search is all the evidence you need.

Resources for women in Louisville, KY! PLEASE be aware of this.

Reblogging for links.

And as a general rule: if the place says “crisis pregnancy center” or anything similar, IT IS A TRICK. Real women’s health clinics are typically called “women’s health clinics”. They do not specialize in ONLY pregnancy, because a woman has more health concerns than just that uterus. Even if you get past the name, Planned Parenthood’s full description is as a health clinic, because they screen or refer to physicians who screen for cancers and diseases, as well as educate about pregnancy (yes, they can and do explain what to expect throughout pregnancy to new mothers who want their pregnancies. My mother found her Lamaze class through a PP.)

Crisis pregnancy centers cannot call themselves “clinics” because they do not actually offer licensed medical care. If they try to use “clinic”, remember that ethical doctors would never use “crisis” in their practice’s name; a crisis is a difficult choice or situation, often with moral implications (i.e.: “crisis of faith”, “financial crisis”, “mid-life crisis”, etc.) It has nothing to do with receiving medical treatment. No one with a broken leg is having a crisis; they’re having a medical emergency. Words matter.

HOLY FUCK! I have one of those Crisis Pregnancy Centers nearby!! Signal Boost. Thanks for the info!

It disgusts me that these places are actually legal to operate.

flipping fucking what?? This shit is legal?? holding your pants hostage must fall under some penalty CMON *FOAMS AT THE MOUTH*

i saw this shit on VICE. they really paint themselves as abortion clinics just to traumatize women.

~ I M P O R T A N T ~

The greatest tools in the arsenal of the pro-l…

The greatest tools in the arsenal of the pro-life argument are appeals to emotion, psychological manipulation, demonstrable lies and, “I have a right to my opinion” as a way to shut down any attempt at critical thinking. 


I’m so excited for life!

I’m alive right now.

I got to see gay marriage become legalized in my own country.

I got to see ireland fight a ban on abortion and W I N, giving me hope for women everywhere!

I get to see rape actually being talked about!

Internalized and systematic racisim is being noticed, discussed, and fixed bit by bit!

People are becoming more accepting of individuals from all walks of life!

We are embracing differences!

I have so much hope for women, races, and yes even the irreligious communities 💚

Yes, we have a lot of problems. No everything is not great, but everyday we take a few steps further.

Today is a good day to be alive, and tomorrow will be even better!!!!

Enjoy being alive 💚💛💚

If you’re pro-choice, you’re pro-abortion.


And there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Don’t try to separate the pro-choice movement from abortion; that only stigmatizes abortion and hurts people who have had abortions or who are seeking/will seek one!

I dont agree.
I dont think “pro-abortion” is a proper description. 

I dont want abortion to be abundant. I dont want it to be a first choice. I dont want it to stick around. I want to get to a place where abortions are unneeded. Where sex has less risk of resulting in unwanted pregnancy(i.e. Easier to manage the risk- more education on sex, better birthcontrols with less side effects). 
I want personal and social reasons like financial issues and the earths health to be virtually non-existent lowering the rate of abortions. 
I want medical causes to be prevented or fixed without abortion being necessary. 
I want early(wanted) fetuses/embryos to be able to be born without extreme complications for how early they are. 

I dont believe abortion is wrong, but between cost and the stress it puts on a womans body(not even considering the emotional stress some women face with it or the stress on the body by the initiation of pregnancy), I would love abortions to be boarderline if not entirely non-existent. 

But that’s not an option right now. Right now we have poor sex education, birth control that is hard to get- manage- or has too many side effects, an abundance of personal and social issues, medical conditions we cant prevent or treat, and extensive complications with premature births. 

I am not pro-abortion, I am not against a woman getting them. There is no shame in abortion, and those who need one will always be supported by me. I dont support abortions, but I support a woman’s right to choose.

“Apparently this could change the whole philos…

“Apparently this could change the whole philosophy of the country.”

“Fingers crossed.”

The Eighth Amendment is to be removed from the…

The Eighth Amendment is to be removed from the Irish constitution. 

For the first time in Irish history, women are equal citizens under the law.

We won.

The Eighth Amendment to the Irish constitution…

The Eighth Amendment to the Irish constitution was designed to stop abortions, and was passed into law with the heavy influence of the Catholic Church. 

There is the real possibility that it hasn’t prevented a single abortion. Thousands of women travel to England each year for abortions they need, and unknown numbers of women import abortion pills, which they are forced to take without medical supervision. 

It’s time to deal with our own women’s healthcare issues and quit expecting the wonderful people of the NHS to do it for us. 

Vote “Yes” on the 25th of May. 

On May 25, Ireland will hold a referendum to r…

On May 25, Ireland will hold a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment of our constitution, which effectively criminalised abortion in nearly all cases. This is a photo of me advocating a “Yes” vote that Tipperary Together For Yes have used in their campaign.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help create a more compassionate Ireland, have a look at Together For Yes, the umbrella organisation which includes Atheist Ireland among many others.

If you’re wondering what the hell this has to do with atheism, feel free to read this article I wrote for Areo Magazine explaining the relationship between the Catholic Church and our ostensibly secular government on this particular issue.

There will be a referendum in Ireland to repea…

There will be a referendum in Ireland to repeal the Eighth Amendment (which would effectively decriminalise abortion) on Friday, May 25th.

This blog supports a vote to repeal, for reasons which are outlined in some detail here

I understand women’s rights may not be directly related to atheism, so I’m going a bit off the reservation here, but you can expect more pro-choice stuff until we get the Eighth Amendment removed. 

Hopefully, after May 25, I’ll never have to post about it again.