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Would anyone want me to start using my instagram again?

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How can you find it irrational or unnacceptable for us to believe that the universe just exists, but its totally rational and acceptable to believe a god/gods just exist…


Content posts I’ve been planning but havent written yet…

-“Liberty” and “in god we trust” on our money is contradictory if not moronic

-atheist/agnostic/irreligious representation on tv needs improvement

-More on privilege and atheism

-something else I cant remember…. Someone remind me to get at least one of these done this weekend (theyre too long to write on my phone)…


Atheophobia on campus

Morehead State University.

In a building called Rader there was a religious hand written flyer on the cork board next to the room where SSA meets.

I support freespeech and freedom of religion so I wasn’t phased by this.

When another was added I was actually inspired by them to share some perspective as well. Im also a firm believer in equal representation.

When I added a flyer(hand written) almost word for word of a post I’ve made on here it looked pristine on the board.

Today I came in to find it crumbled and torn. The only flyer in this shape.

My response was to add another note above stating “dear whomever took to crumbling and tearing the message below: your acts display no grace, kindness, or acceptence. They say more about you and your beliefs than the ones on the paper you defiled. I hope you find a way to manage your intolerance and hate.”


Hot topic of the month

Thinking about doing a hot topic of the month every month. By hot topic of course I mean controversial topic. Ill explain my opinion, then others can reblog or reply what they think…

The goal is to start some conversations… Anybody interested?


“I cannot imagine a god who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation, of who has a free will of the kind we experience in ourselves”


“Mans ethical behavior should be effectively grounded on compassion, nurture, and social bonds. What is moral is not of the devine, but rather a purely human matter, albeit the most important of all human matters.”

Albert Einstein


Love righteousness for its own sake.

Elizabeth Deutsch Earle

Atheists generally do not claim there is no go…

Atheists generally do not claim there is no god. This trips a lot of religious people up because they can’t tell the difference.  

Most atheists would regard such conclusions are essentially unknowable. However in the absence of any reason not to, they feel free to live their lives as if there were no god.

Agnosticism is a “no” to the question: “Do you know?”

Atheism is a “no” to the question “Do you believe?”