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Feminism literally means 'equality for both sexes'. I don't get how you say you're against it when you're literally advocating for equality for everyone

Notice how the word feminism has “fem” right at the front, a womanly prefix? I don’t get how you can support that when you say you want equality🤷‍♀️

Isis releases ‘fatwa’ on how to rape female sex slaves:


This is what feminists and sjws should be getting angry about. What are they on about now again, Star Wars toys or something?

“There’s not enough Mary Sue Star Wars toys grrr!”


If you don’t like it when people make generalizations about feminism, maybe you should stop making generalizations about men.

It works both ways feminists.


I suppose they’d call themselves tolerant, kind individuals who fight hate.

Any time you hear a feminist say “feminism helps men too” please remember this pic, and what you’d think of it if it was two men posing with a sign offering to punch uppity women in the face instead.

But remember, cis-gendered straight white men aren’t people according to feminists and SJWers.


Third Wave Feminism in a nutshell

“Everything is mans fault!”


T H I S ! (x)

This is sadly true. Too many Feminists don’t want to fight against the hijab, they want girls to take pride in wearing a tool of oppression.

“Claimed” being the key word here.

Ooh, snap!



This will never not be funny to me

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Now, I don’t play Call of Duty (mostly because it is a breeding ground to obnoxious and cocky 12 year olds) but I do play a lot of games, and I do not find getting killed by a male gamer to be “rape”. He killed me (and I killed him) that’s what your suppose to do in online multiplayer!

Ya bunch of dumb shits.