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Don’t get me wrong, I am all for emotion being used as a tool in an argument.

I am all for using examples of suffering children as real examples to why X thing is bad or why R thing doesn’t make sense(truth is somethings hurt kids, if it does, this can be a great point in an argument/discussion/debate).

This is especially common with anti-theists fighting religion.

Just stop using childrens faces to do it. Those are real children. Those pictures are real.


Especially if that point is that something is harmful to children.

You are no better than the thing you are fighting.

I didnt think it had to be said but EXPLOITING CHILDREN TO MAKE A POINT IS WRONG. DO. NOT. DO. IT!!!!!


Believing in and worshipping a “god” is not the same thing…

You can believe something exists without dedicating your life to it or following its words.

When I say that “even if a god existed I would not worship it” I am not saying that if you provided evidence of a god that I would still deny its existance~ Im saying that an existing god doesnt recieve my dedication or submission to its declarations (if in this hypothetical situation im given the choice) simply for existing.

If someone provided evidence I would happily accept that a god exists.

But I wont worship that god or follow a specific religion just because a god exists.

Further more, no one has provided that evidence.


Dear certain anti-theists and christians

Just because other religions, say muslims(because this is ALWAYS the one I see) oppress women, doesnt mean that christians or other religions arent oppressive.

If someone is talking about a religion being oppressive you dont hit with that “oh I think you mean Muslims”. No, they were talking about the bible. Literal quotes from the bible. Argue those if youre gonna argue dont tattle on someone else.

What is this third grade???? “Susie hits people” “oh I think you mean micheal, he hit someone last week” “no actually susie hit me—” “nope. Definitely micheal. Talk about how micheal hits people”.

Public Proclaimer Ministries

So a month ago (probably longer now) a hate preacher appeared on the campus of Morehead State University. 

I planned on writing the responses of the crowd, went around and talked to an upwards of 50 people- Including a LOT of Christians, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, and some undisclosed- professors, police officers, and of course students. However, after the event I made the decision not to make the post because I figured it did not need any more attention drawn to it. 

I now see my mistake. These kinds of events NEED attention drawn to them(especially after the fact, less so during). 

During this hate preachers spiel he covered everything from homosexuality being a sin, to slavery (and how white people were the reason it ended)- The most appalling thing he said was that its not rape if she doesn’t yell out or fight. That comment sent many people in to tears.
He made a blog post about his experience(the hate preacher) and explained how the crowd spent a large amount of the more than four hours he was there cussing at him, meanwhile he happened to neglect the fact that he spent the time calling the crowd “sluts” and “whores”. 

So here were the responses of the crowd: 
Only ONE person said they agreed with what he was preaching, but disagreed with how he was going about it.
Only one person opted to not share their opinion with me.
Some of the atheists I asked said that this is what made people anti-theist, others said that they were simply disgusted with the display. 
The majority of the responses I got said that it was wrong and shouldn’t be allowed on campus. 
Of every Christian I asked I got the same responses- “I believe in god, but not that god”- “He’s not reading my bible” – “God is all loving, this man is just hateful” – “That’s not Christianity as I know it” 

Regardless of belief everyone had two common statements that they all agreed upon- This is NOT the way to share your beliefs, and no one should be giving it attention. 

That second one really struck me… Nearly everyone agreed that no one should give him attention(including me) and yet we were all there standing, watching, interacting with him, talking about him. Why, if we all agreed that he shouldn’t be given attention were we all there? 

Some of us felt defensive and felt the need to stand up for their own beliefs, or for their rights as people. Some were there for entertainment- this was especially evident in those who were playing bingo with everything he said… 

In the beginning it was simply scary, the things he was willing to say and preach, the fact that he was belligerently ignoring counter points. 

Near the end it was just the crowd heckling him. 

But all the while he smiled. Whether we were fighting him or belittling him he continued to smile… 

And he’s coming back.  

I wish I could just ask people not to go and they would. But, seeing how it went last time I doubt that will happen. 



“That awkward moment when God has the same values as the men who lived 2000-3000 years ago.”

“That awkward moment when God has the same values as the men who lived 2000-3000 years ago.”

Bible study classes, god on walls, and forced pledgeKentucky is now amongst the states(yes, there is…

Bible study classes, god on walls, and forced pledge

Kentucky is now amongst the states(yes, there is more) who allow bible study CLASSES in their public schools.

Not clubs, not groups, no. Actual bible study courses. In PUBLIC schools.

Arkansas is putting “in god we trust” on their public school walls.

A public school student in Michigan was forcibly removed from his chair when he refused to stand for the pledge. Which is his right. – his reasons were theistic, but still.

If there was ever a time to speak out, its now.

Our rights, everyones rights, are being stepped on.

Someone actually said “church and state is meant to keep the state out of church not the other way around”

We are not a Christian nation.

Speak up.

Im begging you. Speak UP.

You dont have to be atheist to see the problems here.

You dont have to come out as atheist to speak up.


“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson


The argument “can’t go to hell if I don’t believe in it” doesnt make any sense.

If your in a situation where you feel like you have to say something back please say “can’t go to hell if it doesn’t exist/isn’t real” or something like that.

Not believing that something exists doesn’t mean you can go there any more than believing it does exist means you can go there.

You can not believe India exists and still go there(because it does). You can believe a place made out of gummy worms and called Machus exists and never go there(because it doesn’t).

Mind your words friends.

“If your personal beliefs deny what’s objectively true about the world, then they’re more…”

“If your personal beliefs deny what’s objectively true about the world, then they’re more accurately called personal delusions.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson