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Separation of church and state is apparently “persecution” now…

Does God have free will?





If not, why not; but if He does, can He choose evil?

He “can” sin, in the sense that He has the ability to choose (ex. when the devil tempts Jesus). However, He would never sin (or choose evil) because it is not in His nature, it is not who He is

(it’s like if you were like “I’d never murder someone!” not because you don’t have the ability to choose that, but because you never would choose that option. Except that God is infinitely more righteous than you are, and therefore infinitely further from choosing evil)

How exactly can you know that He’s more righteous than me? You don’t even know me.

@hope-runs-underneath here’s some other problems with your logic. 

I look at the Bible from a literary criticism perspective, but feel free to read this as “Let’s assume for the sake of argument that the god described in the Bible exists”.

1. If God created everything then he necessarily created evil, meaning he HAS chosen evil before.

If he is all-powerful and created the universe from scratch then he could have chosen to create a world where evil was impossible, but he chose not to. That means he knowingly and willingly chose to create a world where evil is possible instead of a world where evil is impossible.

If you want to argue that evil was not invented by God but is rather caused by our own sinful nature because we have free will then that means that God knowingly and willingly chose to make us capable and willing to commit acts of evil instead of capable of committing evil but unwilling to do so like himself.

If it’s possible for him to have free will and not choose evil then creating us to

have free will AND not choose evil

should be possible (especially considering the Bible says we were created in his image), meaning he actively chose not to go that route.

.Not to mention that he chose to create us with a sinful nature instead of the alternative.

Additionally, if there is free will in Heaven but no evil then it means God IS capable of creating a world with both free will AND no evil.

2. According to the Bible, God DID choose to murder. A lot.

Like, a LOT a lot. 

In Noah’s flood alone he killed roughly 20 million people (not counting the billions of non-human animals). 

Then there are all the people he personally killed and the several times he explicitly ordered the Israelites to commit genocide, which brings up his kill count in the Bible to about 25 million people.

And didn’t he invent death to begin with?

You might say that humans were never meant to die, that we only die because of Eve and Adam, but if that’s the case then how come the Devil is immortal? Didn’t e defy God too? 

Why does the Devil get to be immortal and rule one of the underworlds while we’re made mortal and get tortured eternally for committing what amounts to the same crime?

Which, btw, is bs; I never ate any forbidden fruit, nor did you; God’s holding us responsible for someone else’s actions from a time long before we were even born.

How is that fair?

3. If God is at all capable of evil then he cannot be all good, because pure goodness is incapable of evil.

I don’t know if you believe God is all good, but based on your language it sounds like you do.

If you don’t, feel free to disregard this point.













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Jesus had a bad time at human camp. – David Sm…

Jesus had a bad time at human camp. – David Smalley