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As a Jew, the son of a Holocaust survivor wh…

As a Jew, the son of a Holocaust survivor who lost almost 40 members of her family in Therisenstadt & Auschwitz, the 1st MP to introduce a motion on the Holocaust in the South African parliament & some1 who has lectured on genocide prevention at Auschwitz I hold this 2b true.

Andrew Feinstein

Criticism of the Israeli government is not Antisemitism. Do not let anyone silence you.

There are many Jewish people who criticise Isr…

There are many Jewish people who criticise Israel’s human rights abuses in Gaza City and the West Bank. It is not antisemitic to criticise Israeli government decisions. 

There are many Jewish people who criticise Judaism as a religion and a collection of ideas. In fact, because they’re the ones who know the most about it, it tends to come from Jews more than anyone else. It is not antisemitic to criticise Judaism as a religion. 

If the only response you have to any criticism of Israeli government decisions or Judaism is “antisemitism”, or if you think goyim are not allowed to have opinions about the political situation in the occupied territories, you are doing the Jews of the world, and their diverse opinions and identities, a horrible disservice. 

Yes, I know who these guys are and why they are protesting.

Recently, there’s been a flap of accusations o…

Recently, there’s been a flap of accusations of “antisemitism” because I made some posts that refer to Judaism. I found this image online to help the hard of thinking understand the difference between antisemitism and legitimate criticism.

Antisemitism is a real problem that all governments need to work on, but shutting down discussion and pretending to find antisemitism where there is none is counterproductive to that goal. 

I’d add the following:

Criticising religions is not the same thing as criticising people. Muslims and Jews and atheists are people and deserve the same respect as anyone else. Islam and Judaism and atheism, however, are ideas, and as such are open for discussion, attack, mockery and any other form of criticism.

Moreover, if you’re fine with my posts critical of Islam and Christianity, but you reflexively characterise even the most anodyne criticism of Judaism as “antisemitism”, that says more about you than it does about me.

They’re not in equal amounts, but the point is that no one is safe. Do you really want me to make an exception for Judaism? You want Judaism to be above criticism and mockery and satire? And you think I’m the one singling out Judaism for special attention?


I will continue to make posts about Islam and Christianity and Hinduism and Judaism and any other religion as I see fit, and I will continue to welcome and engage with any legitimate criticism of those posts. 

If you honestly feel that any of my posts are genuinely antisemitic, please contact tumblr support using this form. They will take it seriously. 

This is Jozef Tiso, who managed to run a semi-devolved Slovakia…

This is Jozef Tiso, who managed to run a semi-devolved Slovakia for the Nazis while remaining an active Roman Catholic priest. 

He enacted laws which meant that Jews in Slovakia could not own any real estate or luxury goods, were excluded from public office and free occupations, could not participate in sport or cultural events, were excluded from secondary schools and universities, and were required to wear the star of David in public. He was also instrumental in deporting thousands of Jews to Auschwitz

Tiso, like many Nazis, was a registered Roman Catholic, but was never excommunicated. 

Josef Goebbels was excommunicated; not for any of his human rights abuses or war crimes, but for marrying a Protestant.