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Do you ever get those feelings that feel like physical things inside you and you wonder if you opened yourself up and rearranged if they would stop?

Or is that just me?


I dont think its possible to control your emotions.

I dont think anyone can control their emotions.

You can control how you react and respond to them, but you cant choose to just not feel them.

You cant decide “I dont want to resent you so instead Im going to love you more”– that pain, anger, etc is still going to be there. You just need to figure out how to respond to it that wont create MORE pain, anger, etc

So dont beat yourself up for feeling a certain way. Be proud of how you respond to them. And if you CANT be proud of how you respond to them, RESPOND DIFFERENTLY.

Making the choice to have a choice:

You have a choice, and every choice either opens more up or closes some down(the more complicated ones do both). Sometimes, especially in places of struggle both physically and mentally, the choice that closes others down feels easier. 

Depression and anxiety demand that you make choices that only narrow the path. They scream that you stop what you are doing. They threaten you with lies of danger and lures of comfort. 

Sometimes you can only take one battle a day, sometimes you can fight a whole war, and thats okay. 

The important thing is that you make choices that leave more choices open. You don’t need anyone’s (or any deity’s ) strength, just your own. You have the strength to make the choices. 

Make them. 

I have an anxiety disorder(G.A.D) and Im having a really bad day so I wrote a poem sort of thing…

Its days like these that make me fall to pieces.

My body aches, my mind wont stay, everything shakes – every breath I take.

I wanna scream, I wanna cry, I wanna streach until my bones break.

I just cant breathe and nothings right but I know its only in my head that everythings not okay.

So I dont scream and I dont cry I just lay in bed and keep telling myself I wont die.

Christian Me vs. Atheist Me


To me, atheism is synonymous with freedom, and that’s why I can never give it up. My life as a Christian was miserable in countless ways, whereas my life as an atheist has improved tenfold. 

As a Christian I never felt like I was feminine enough. As a kid I played with race cars instead of barbie dolls, and chose martial arts over dance lessons. As an atheist I no longer feel like I have to fit into a feminine mold.

As a Christian I thought I was sinning by daring to teach others about the Bible. As an atheist I know women are equal to men and should never be stopped from sharing their knowledge with others.

As a Christian I couldn’t trust anyone from the secular world; scientists, school teachers, doctors, and historians were all tools of the devil to deceive me. As an atheist a whole new world of knowledge and learning has opened up to me.

As a Christian I tried to force myself to swallow the bitter pill of female inferiority as taught by the Bible. As an atheist I feel zero obligation to put up with misogynists, especially religious ones.

As a Christian I tore up dozens of pieces of my artwork because I thought the subject matter was idolatrous or blasphemous. As an atheist I’ll never destroy any of my art again, especially not to please a mythical being.

As a Christian I agonized over the souls of “unsaved” family and friends. And when a neighbor unexpectedly died, I blamed myself for her torture in hell because I had never “shared the gospel” with her. As an atheist I revel in the fact that there is no hell, and that death brings peace, not suffering.

To all the religious folks who try to convert me and other atheists, remember: You’re asking us to give up our freedom and crawl back into a cage. Don’t be shocked when we refuse.

I agree with everything here. @revelation19 is sitting there acting like super fundamentalist churches like this don’t exist. Are they teaching false doctrines? Are they misinterpreting verses? As atheists, we don’t care. Take that up with street corner Pentecostal churches, snake-handling pastors, and Westboro Baptists. We really do not care what you think is the “right” interpretation because that’s seriously the whole problem. If it’s really “god’s word,” it should have been clear enough to prevent thousands of denominations from forming. But alas, an omniscient god knew of no way to reveal his word in a clear manner and he could think of no way of preventing “false teachers” from “leading his sheep astray.” What can we expect from an immoral monster that had trouble stopping iron chariots?

In any case, people like @revelation19 go after people who recently subscribed to atheism because they think there’s some chance at reconverting them. They think there’s some way to convince them to come back, to convince them that they’re making some grave mistake. No! You’re making the mistake devoting your intellect and life to some fantastical nonsense that’s demonstrably false in more ways than one. Your obscurantist tactics won’t work here. There’s a reason we don’t engage with each other directly and no, it has nothing to do with not understanding Reformed apologetics. More and more seasoned atheists are realizing these obscurantist tactics and calling Christians out on that. Again, an omniscient god would think of the simplest way to bring people to believe. If he wants all men to be saved (1 Timothy 2:4), he would make that obvious. Yet it’s not at all obvious because even according to the self-righteous, cocksure Christians commenting and reblogging and trying their darnedest to convert formerfundie, Bible verses and even entire passages are as susceptible to subjective interpretation as any piece of literature or poetry. If god wants all men to be saved, no one should be sitting here quibbling over what this verse means or how it should be read or what hidden lesson or meaning is hidden in a given passage. It’s ridiculous!

In my limited and far from omniscient capacity, I can write something clear as day, so clear that there can be no disagreement. No one can come to this response and interpret it as a favorable defense of Christianity. No one can say, “well, perhaps we should read this allegorically” or ask “what does he intend to say?” My intention is clear; the interpretation should be just as clear. There should be no disagreement. Stop begging non-believers to put their faith in a bunch of nonsense stories put together haphazardly on the whim of a bunch second century fanatics. Stop pleading with us to return to our chains. Christ promised freedom and we have learned that his religion is nothing but slavery. He promised life in abundance and we have learned that we are asked to surrender our lives for nothing at all. Go ahead! Point to your “blessings.” What you have as a Christian is what I have as an atheist. You have food, shelter, health, friendship, family, and the ability to grow a beard. Well, guess what? I have all of that as well. At any moment, tragedy can strike for both of us! You’re under the illusion that god is protecting you and yours until you realize he’s not, until like an expecting mother in one of my churches, you lose your twins in a miscarriage. “Oh it’s a test of faith.” 

Listen! A god that has to test your love in the same way a jealous, psychotic lover does is no god I would willingly worship! The Christians on here that think they stand a chance at reconverting this young woman need to shove the hell off. You want to love your abusive, jealous, vindictive deity, so be it. But do not demand the same from this individual, from me, or from any non-Christian! Don’t ever in your life demand that! We are tired of your proselytism, tired of your nonsense arguments, and tired of your ridiculous defenses of this deity you worship. Heck, according to Genesis 34:14, your god’s name is Jealous. Jealousy in a relationship isn’t normal. Stop normalizing abuse; stop normalizing slavery, both mental and physical. Stop telling people to forgo evidence and live by faith; stop asking people to wait till marriage and just have faith that their would be spouse doesn’t have an STD, impotence, infertility, sterility, or a host of other issues. And no, no one in their right mind goes out of their way to even test for all of that before saying “I do.” Your faith is impractical, oppressing, and absolutely sickening.

If you’re so sure your god exists and that his punishments, both terrestrial and celestial are true, leave us to his wrath. But before you do, think about how cruel you are for wishing harm on anyone who doesn’t believe as you do. I have no such thing to threaten you with. In fact, I’ve tried for some time, with some success, to get Christians to stop self-harming. I’ve come across gay Christians suppressing their attraction for the same sex. I’ve come across Christians that feel a natural tendency towards sex and they suppress it; in fact, some of them suppress it so much, they end up imposing these tendencies on vulnerable, non -consenting individuals. I’ve come across Christians who avoid parties like a plague because the music is of the devil or because there will be alcohol and perhaps drugs on the premises. I’ve come across Christians who have serious doubts about what they believe and are so afraid to move forward on those doubts because they’re imaging their flesh burning for an eternity; consider that (!), eternal punishment for temporal infractions. 

Whether these self-righteous buffoons want to admit it or not, they have the same fears, urges, inclinations, and so on, and so enamored have they become with their chains, that they have mistaken their bondage for freedom. In the words of your supposed lord and savior, “to hear that has an ear let him hear”: there’s no freedom in Christianity; you are in bondage. Your doubts, your urges, your inclinations, your humanity are all pulling you in the right direction. 

Sure, Jesus and Paul demonized this very flesh. Well, an effective salesman will make you self-loathe for sake of buying their product. What’s the difference between your flesh aversion and someone who thinks they’re too fat or too ugly. Soon the individual thinking the former might develop anorexia or will develop depression and anxiety because they feel unattractive, unwanted, and so on. The latter individual might get plastic surgery, cover their face in makeup, filter every picture across their social media accounts, and so on. Anyone that can teach you to hate yourself has already won. But Jesus doesn’t stop there! He came to make you hate your father, your mother, your brother, and so on; he came to ask you to surrender everything to follow him. The salesman has made you hate yourself, your family, and your material belongings. Universe forbid you get too attached to your cat; god might strike it with cancer! Open your eyes. If not that, stop preaching to former choir members. We have renounced your harmful religion.