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Atheism is Poisnous

I’d like to preface this by saying that I am not religious. I am spiritual. I am Unitarian Universalist. Basically, I believe there is a higher power, but I don’t truly know a damn thing about that higher power and never will, and I will study all the religions to find out the truth.

I don’t go to church, tho I have enjoyed it in the past. I don’t believe that “god” is contained in a building, nor explained in one single book.

I do not believe that there is some imaginary judge that is ruling over us, saving and damning people.

I believe in energy. I believe we are all made of energy. If energy is neither created nor destroyed, then there must be an afterlife of sorts, or at least reincarnation.

I believe that the world is made of energy, and bcuz of that, we can use our energy to mix with the energy of the world, to create changes that we desire. I believe that when we pray or do magick, we manipulate and focus energy to produce change.

I do believe that “god” is everywhere and in everything, that it’s not a physical entity.

Beyond that, I just read a lot and study everything from every culture and try to find common threads that suggest something might be a universal truth…

I believe that fighting over religion is pointless, bcuz we are all praying and worshipping the same higher power.

One interesting thing about religion is that the religious books written, while they all have common core sets of morals and standards, they are tailored to the area and times they were written so as to help further society.

Things such as forbidding certain foods or clothing, normally due to those things being dangerous – like, they forbid pig meat in many religions bcuz they view pigs as dirty, but there’s a strong chance it’s out of caution…in case pigs actually are dirty enough to get you sick. Also, pig meat is really unhealthy for you. It can cause cardio vascular issues and weight gain…

Not that I’m going to stop eating bacon. Hail bacon! Lol

Anyways, I digress. This article is about atheism and how it’s bad.

Firstly, on the moral standpoint, it’s really self centered and egotistical to think that there’s nothing higher than you. Whether it be on the food chain, the intelligence chain, the power scale. It’s just wrong to be so full of yourself that you think there’s nothing bigger than you. Even if you want to think it’s aliens, there is SOMETHING out there that’s above humans.

Being egotistical to that extent is poisonous, to yourself and humanity.

Secondly, there is scientific proof that we are all made of energy. To deny that is to deny science. When we start denying science, we enter a realm of insanity, bcuz without science the world falls apart.

Third, basically all religions teach a sort of moral guideline. Now, atheists can say that they create their own morals, but here’s the thing, you might pick the wrong morals that don’t fit with society. And no matter how much you want to be a rebel and not go along with society, think of how bad it would be if everyone felt that way! It would be absolute chaos.

It’s a privilege to be able to go against society with absolute freedom. Do you realize that? It’s a privilege to be able to rebel. People in third world countries, they don’t have that freedom. Not just bcuz their governments prohibit it but also bcuz they literally need to be a cohesive unit with their tribes to survive.

Look back at ancient times when there was no police or government. The tribes had to live by certain guidelines to survive and if they didn’t adhere to societal standards, they put themselves and the tribe at risk of extinction. What better way to get people to submit than to threaten them with the wrath of god?

Now, how does this fit in today? Well, society still, as a whole, would fall apart without moral guidelines. Teachings on how to be good to one another, an understanding that we are all one…

Atheists may have similar morals, but if the whole world was atheist, there would be less compassion and empathy, bcuz the majority of interconnectedness comes from people of religious or spiritual faith…

It’s like immorality is a disease and spirituality is the vaccine. If you vaccinate most of the people, the disease will be kept at bay. If you remove the vaccine from society, the disease will run rampant.

Just look at all the trouble our disconnection with a higher power has gotten us!

We’re living in a selfish, self centered world where we’re creating AI that could some day kill us, and we’re killing people of other countries, and even killing eachother.

Inb4 religion causes wars.

Yes, but people are going to find a reason to go to war no matter what. It doesn’t matter if religion was completely abolished, then we’d have less morals, and we’d probably go to war to kill eachother over race or country or resources…all of which we also war over now. It’s all about power. People are power hungry.

Spirituality and religion tries to eliminate the power, by taking power away from the individual and placing it in the hands of “god,” thus quelling our need to war for power. And I think I just had a breakthrough! That’s exactly why “god” is needed. It takes away the root of all evil. Power…

Now, I’m not trying to force anyone to believe in “god” bcuz that would be wrong. If you don’t believe there’s something out there, I’m not stopping you. That’s fine. I didn’t really go through much to cover the existence of “god” in this, so I don’t expect to convert anyone.

This is simply to say that being completely devoid of “god” or some sort of spirituality is poisonous and detrimental to both yourself and society. Even if it’s a complete load of crap in the end, do you really wanna risk it?

All of your points all include assumptions made about atheism that the title/standpoint of atheism doesn’t determine itself. They are all based on beliefs that are NOT apart of theism vs. atheism.

1. Not all atheists, not even a majority of atheists believe that there is nothing bigger than themselves. A lack of belief in a deity is not the same as believing nothing is bigger than you. The universe alone is bigger. The animal kingdom is bigger. Science itself is bigger. Communities are bigger. So on and so forth. This “egotism” that you see in atheism is not an atheistic thing. Its a total separate belief from atheism. Yes, there are egotistical atheists. There are also egotistical theists, who believe everything in the universe is for them.

2. Energy. We all have energy. There is an energy chain. No one denies this. I have never, ever, in my life heard an atheist say we dont have energy. However, how this energy works or whether or not we can manipulate in certain ways is definitely debated. As for science, science exists whether or not we believe in it. Its there. Its happening. And everything that is “science” can be proven over and over again. If we lost every peice of recorded scientific information we have, all of it would be regained over time.

3. Morality. Atheists and theists alike choose their morals. Not all theists share the same morals. When you choose what religion your apart of, what sect you follow, and what interpretation of that sect you believe in you end up with just as much say in your morals as an atheist. “You might pick the wrong morals that dont fit with society” so could a theist. And sometimes, its good to pick morals that dont go with society. In the days of slavery(not saying slavery doesnt currently exist, but when it was widely accepted) the people who chose to believe that all humans are equal chose a moral that didnt fit with society. Sometimes this is good sometimes this is bad.

Compassion and empathy is not only found within theism. We are the same species, we share the same needs, we share the same planet, our planet has needs. Compassion and empathy comes from that understanding. Not from a threat of the wrath of a god. Not from a concept that a god made us. Empathy and compassion come from understanding, and you certainly can find understanding without theism.

“Im not trying to force you to be a theist, Im just saying atheism is poisonous to you and society” You dont want to change us, you just want to claim we’re wrong.

Yet, every reason why you think atheism is poisonous can be found in theism as well. This is not a theist vs. atheist debate, this is entirely about beliefs and circumstances separate from atheism and theism.



Its open_atheism if anyone wants to follow lol

“even atheists judge other atheists”

Of course they do. 

Firstly, were all human, humans judgeThe difference is whether or not you evaluate your judgements, consider what they are based off of (assumption or fact along with why you are judging it good or bad) and how much you let those judgments influence your actions.

Secondly, atheism is one lack of belief. That means there are a million and six(if you want to be literal there is an infinite amount) other beliefs and perspectives in which atheists can disagree upon within the community. The more things people disagree about the more they have to judge each other on.

Yes, even atheists judge other atheists. 

Christians judge other Christians.

Jews judge other Jews.

Pagans judge other Pagans.

Agnostics judge other agnostics.

People judge other people.

The important thing is that we try to find like minded people, that we build communities, and then we use those communities not to tear others down, but to have support when expanded our comfort zones.
Find your community. Grow. Stay open minded. 

Secular Student Alliance

“I cant believe MSU has a ssa, what do you guys do sit around and talk about what you don’t believe in” — something someone actually said on twitter. 

So what do you do in SSA meetings? Whats the point? Well, the point is community, support, and change. 

The main reason for a SSA club is to let students know they’re not alone. In a world where even public colleges with no religious affiliation provide Non-Denominational Worship Services and have at least five different religious based clubs(often more than one of the same religion) you can feel pretty alone in your beliefs. It can be worse when you’re in a religious community(the bible belt for example). SSA gives you a place where you can safely say “I’m an atheist(agnostic, irreligious, etc)” and hear other students say “Me too!” 

Lets be honest, the religious have an advantage, they have a ready made community. Being secular its a little more difficult than that. You aren’t committed to go to worship every Sunday. You don’t have a building full of people who agree with your beliefs to support you. SSA is a club where you get support from your peers with similar beliefs. No gods involved. 

Finally, change. Acknowledge it or not, atheists do believe in things(just not gods). You discuss what you believe, what you support, what you don’t, find common ground, and make change. One of the biggest things SSA work towards is change on the view of atheists, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. The clubs often do volunteering and activism for other beliefs/groups. 

While some SSA’s may spend some time focusing on “god or no god” that is not what most of them are about. 

Long story short, no we don’t just sit around talking about what we don’t believe in, we build our community. 

In case you havent been paying attention(because there have been…

In case you havent been paying attention(because there have been way more instances than just this) trump is NOT an ally of the atheist and irreligious communities.

He also seems to forget what country he is president of, last I checked we were “the land of the free” not the land of the god worshiping.

Magic and Mystic

I’m in love with magic.
*gasp from my science and fact only audience* 
Yup. I love everything about it. 
The romance, the power, the emotions that swirl it.
I have full conversations about dragons and fairies.
I visit craft shops (and I dont mean arts and crafts) and buy power stones and potions and incense. 
I read “spells” online and have mystical art work all over my room. Honestly, it looks like a cartoon wizards/witches bedroom. 

I’m an atheist. 

I’m superstitious, never split a pole, spilling salt is bad luck, etc. 

I’m an atheist. 

Now if you were to ask me I would (sadly) agree that no, none of it is real, but how beautiful it is, even if its pretend. 

My point of this post is often I get “attacked” (I use the word loosely) by fellow atheists for my “belief” in magic and superstition- Well, just because you see my love for the magic and the mystic doesnt mean you know or understand my actual beliefs, and who are you to tell me what my atheism means (beyond a lack of belief in a god).

I just hope as our atheist communities grow that the hostility to each-others lifestyles either dies down or is weeded out.