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The image is of Eamon DeValera, former preside…

The image is of Eamon DeValera, former president (1959-1973) and prime minister (1957-1959) of Ireland, genuflecting before the Catholic Archbishop McQuaid, who, according to Wikipedia, is “known for the unusual amount of influence he had over successive governments”.

Yesterday was the launch of the Atheist Ireland campaign to remove the blasphemy law from the Irish constitution. 

Here are Five Reasons To Vote Yes in the referendum on 26th October. 

Here is an open letter from 24 victims of blasphemy laws worldwide asking for a Yes vote. 

The fallout continues from the Atheist Ireland…

The fallout continues from the Atheist Ireland campaign (which was crowdfunded) to secure ETB foundational documents under Irish Freedom of Information legislation.  

Despite ostensibly being the state-sponsored alternative to a Catholic education, ETBs are regularly smuggling religious indoctrination in the brains of Irish children during their most formative years, in this case dressed as sex education.

Education policy promotes reasonable sex education programmes across primary and secondary schools, but this policy can be completely undermined by the religious ethos of the institution.  The Department of Education can do nothing to prevent religious schools leaving out chunks of the recommended curriculum, distorting the rest, and bringing in anticontraceptive and antichoice lobbyists.

Very Catholic organisations such as LifeWorks (company directors Ruth Cullen and Cora Sherlock)

solicit donations from schools to deliver their classes. In one school, students who walked out or challenged any of the material were reported to the principal.

It might be time for Catholics to give back my country.

Atheist Ireland is developing a comprehensive campaign to…

Atheist Ireland is developing a comprehensive campaign to separate church and state in Ireland. Regular followers will know that many public institutions in Ireland are either secretly or openly managed by the Catholic Church, most especially those involved with health and education. 

If you live in Ireland and you think this is a terrible way to run your country, then consider signing up

DISCLAIMER: As a result of some surprising unpleasantness I encountered after admitting I was an atheist on a fairly large national Twitter account, I recently became much more active with Atheist Ireland. You’ll probably be seeing a few more Ireland-specific posts (although to be honest, the Catholic Church is doing most of the heaving lifting on this).