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Forced and early marriages still common for gi…

Forced and early marriages still common for girls in Afghanistan

I don’t know what role Islam has in this as opposed to, say, tribal culture in general, but I’m willing to bet they think it’s fundamentally Islamic.

Religious rights do not supersede human rights. We are humans first, then we have beliefs. 


Language with children…

Yesterday I was struggling with my four year old brother and his still struggling ability to listen to simple one part instructions.

I needed some extra tips to try to improve how I give him directions. I googled “How to help my four year old listen” and “how to help my child listen”

Yet all the search results were “when your kids wont listen”, “MY CHILD DOESNT LISTEN!”, and “How to make my four year old be obedient” and you might think thats not a big difference, but in reality it shows what we think of our kids.

Even when parents or care givers consider themselves the part that needs improvment(which isnt often) they phrase it in a way that puts the weight on the child, not only that, but they make it 100% negative.

My brother isnt a bad kid because he struggles following instructions, and I dont want to “make him more obedient” I want to help him learn to listen to my words, understand consequences, and make thoughtful decisions. But hes four. And I know that. Which is why instead of thinking “HOW DO I MAKE HIM??” I thought “how can I help him?” And thats how it should be.

How can you help your child go to bed on time and get more sleep? How can you help your child use more appropriate vocabulary? How can you help your child learn to manage their emotions? How can you help your child listen?

You dont need to make them do anything, you need to learn(just like theyre learning) how to help them make better decisions.


Raise boys and girls the same!

Give your sons the same room to experience emotions as you do your daughters.

Give your daughters the same freedoms you give your sons.

Let them both be a little messy from time to time.

Let them both be rough and both be gentle when the moments are right.

Let them ALL be loved.

Let them be them, and give them the room and tools they need to find that!



Don’t get me wrong, I am all for emotion being used as a tool in an argument.

I am all for using examples of suffering children as real examples to why X thing is bad or why R thing doesn’t make sense(truth is somethings hurt kids, if it does, this can be a great point in an argument/discussion/debate).

This is especially common with anti-theists fighting religion.

Just stop using childrens faces to do it. Those are real children. Those pictures are real.


Especially if that point is that something is harmful to children.

You are no better than the thing you are fighting.

I didnt think it had to be said but EXPLOITING CHILDREN TO MAKE A POINT IS WRONG. DO. NOT. DO. IT!!!!!



Ya retards calling me gross for saying people should get paid for putting babies up for adoption, but you would rather kill them

Selling children and stopping a pregnancy are not the same thing.

Money should never be a factor in adoption.

If you are struggling financially you should be able to get help(not from adoption), if you have money you wont need it from placing your child.

Adoption should never be about a bioparent getting a financial gain.

Terminating a pregnancy is exactly that, the end of a pregnancy. Its termination of an embryo(majority of the time), or at most a fetus. It stops an unwanted pregnancy.

Selling children is not going to fix the adoption system we have going, it will make it worse.

We already have a problem with lower economical families being more likely to have their children put up for adoption due to their economical status. This is not a solution. This would separate more families that DO NOT need to be separated.

This is NOT a good idea.

You can not buy children.

Watching a bunch of kids repeating prayers onl…

Watching a bunch of kids repeating prayers only looks cute if you agree with that religion. To everyone else, it’s sinister.

I don’t even know how you would “teach atheism…

I don’t even know how you would “teach atheism”. What would it look like? You can’t tell children “I don’t believe in any god” and expect that to transfer. Why should it?

Just educate them, teach them critical thinking skills, answer all their questions honestly, and they’ll work it out for themselves.

The whole “Teach the Controversy” thing was co…

The whole “Teach the Controversy” thing was cooked up by the Christian fundamentalist Discovery Institute as part of what they called the “wedge strategy”. This strategy was explicitly developed to smuggle creationism (since renamed “intelligent design”) into American classrooms using the sort of language that open-minded liberals can relate to. 

Just look at the language they’re using to mean the exact opposite: “freedom”; “discovery” and a quote from Charles Darwin about a “fair result”. 

Creationists have proven time and time again that they will lie and cheat as much as they can get away with to get what they want, and what they want is control of your children’s minds


I am pissed.

I am pissed that children in TWO states are being ostracized by their schools.

I am pissed that discrimination of children in PUBLIC schools is being encouraged.

I’m pissed that no one spoke up the first time.

I’m pissed that no ones speaking up this time.

I’m pissed that people dont realize that a students rights -INCLUDING FREEDOM OF RELIGION- does not stop at the schoolhouse gates.

I’m pissed.

If you’re not pissed then I don’t think you quite grasp what is happening here.

What about our childrens freedoms? Do they not matter anymore?


The Sickness is Upon us.

Dear doctors,

The flu is worthy of a doctors note excusing people from work and school.

Dear Bosses,

Dont encourage sick employees to come in because you need them. If they do come in sick send them home.

Dear professors and school administrators,

Dont encourage people to come in regardless of their health status. Make polices that allow individuals to stay home when theyre sick. Send them home if they show up sick.

Dear people,

Please allow yourself time to get better. Stay home. Stay in bed. Drink lots of fluids. And dont spread your sickness everywhere. There are people whom the flu or strep will not only be an inconvenience, but will be a hospital stay or even death.

Stop acting like sickness is something we need to tough it through. Its not a sore muscle or a lack of motiviation, its an illness that can and will be spread if people continue to go to work and school.

Stop enabling illness to spread. Stop endangering others.