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This is so important for both minority religio…

This is so important for both minority religions and secular/irreligious idividuals.

Can you imagine how hard it is to explain a holiday when you dont have a holy book to back it?

Why should my celebration of earth day be less important than a Christians celebration of Easter?

(and before anyone says it, I would happily go in on easter and other christian holidays that I dont celebrate if I got the same time off for the holidays I do celebrate~ so please dont use the “why dont you go in then”- I would.)

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So a month ago (probably longer now) a hate preacher appeared on the campus of Morehead State University. 

I planned on writing the responses of the crowd, went around and talked to an upwards of 50 people- Including a LOT of Christians, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, and some undisclosed- professors, police officers, and of course students. However, after the event I made the decision not to make the post because I figured it did not need any more attention drawn to it. 

I now see my mistake. These kinds of events NEED attention drawn to them(especially after the fact, less so during). 

During this hate preachers spiel he covered everything from homosexuality being a sin, to slavery (and how white people were the reason it ended)- The most appalling thing he said was that its not rape if she doesn’t yell out or fight. That comment sent many people in to tears.
He made a blog post about his experience(the hate preacher) and explained how the crowd spent a large amount of the more than four hours he was there cussing at him, meanwhile he happened to neglect the fact that he spent the time calling the crowd “sluts” and “whores”. 

So here were the responses of the crowd: 
Only ONE person said they agreed with what he was preaching, but disagreed with how he was going about it.
Only one person opted to not share their opinion with me.
Some of the atheists I asked said that this is what made people anti-theist, others said that they were simply disgusted with the display. 
The majority of the responses I got said that it was wrong and shouldn’t be allowed on campus. 
Of every Christian I asked I got the same responses- “I believe in god, but not that god”- “He’s not reading my bible” – “God is all loving, this man is just hateful” – “That’s not Christianity as I know it” 

Regardless of belief everyone had two common statements that they all agreed upon- This is NOT the way to share your beliefs, and no one should be giving it attention. 

That second one really struck me… Nearly everyone agreed that no one should give him attention(including me) and yet we were all there standing, watching, interacting with him, talking about him. Why, if we all agreed that he shouldn’t be given attention were we all there? 

Some of us felt defensive and felt the need to stand up for their own beliefs, or for their rights as people. Some were there for entertainment- this was especially evident in those who were playing bingo with everything he said… 

In the beginning it was simply scary, the things he was willing to say and preach, the fact that he was belligerently ignoring counter points. 

Near the end it was just the crowd heckling him. 

But all the while he smiled. Whether we were fighting him or belittling him he continued to smile… 

And he’s coming back.  

I wish I could just ask people not to go and they would. But, seeing how it went last time I doubt that will happen. 


If you believe in god, that is amazing for you.

If you believe your god gives you the ability to “see through people” or to “see what people need” than that is your business.

If you believe no one can be content or truly happy without your god, again your business, your beliefs.

Please feel free to believe as you wish or as you see fit. I support your right to your freedom of thought and beliefs.

But please, do not, ever, tell other people what THEY feel, or claim to know what THEY go through.

That is beyond disrespectful. You are not them, you dont get to decide who they are or what they have experienced or what their perspective was when they experienced them.

Keep those kind of comments to yourself.

Don’t tear down what builds others up.

This goes for everyone. 

Lately I’ve been trying to return to positive, inspirational, encouraging posts for the irreligious/secular community. However, every time I make one I get an argument to why our position is wrong. 

It wasn’t a debate or a declaration of “correct” beliefs, it was a message to those on equal standing with similar perspectives in order to give them a little bit of light. 

I know that atheists(anti-theists, actually) have been known to do the same thing. It needs to stop. 

Stop tearing down things that build up others.  

Christianity vs atheism which ones easier?It seems to me both side have this idea that the other…

Christianity vs atheism which ones easier?

It seems to me both side have this idea that the other chooses their side because its “easier” – the thing is, if youre a good person, they’re both hard.

Atheism and christianity have hard aspects and beautiful benefits.

Christians often get the gift of certainty(“gods plan” “its meant to be”) even when bad stuff is happening. They get the gift of forgiveness (whether or not the other parties involved forgive you, “god forgives all”). Finally they often have a lack of responsibility(they can place it all on their god).

Now almost all christians get these rewards of christianity, but only bad people abuse them. (ex. Someone doing horrible things and then claiming god forgives them)

A good person who is also christian will have to struggle with personal forgiveness/conscious, and following all the “rules” of their religion.

Atheism has rewards too. No universal/all knowing good and bad. Control. And ability to take full credit for anything you do. Less shame.

A bad person who is an atheist will use this to believe they can do no wrong, it doesnt exist, there is no great devine punishment.

However a good person who is an atheist also struggles with the fact that if there is no god and no plan it is up to us. We get the full credit of our good actions but also the full credit of our bad actions.

Honestly the question isn’t which path is easier or harder, its whether life is easy or hard. For good people its hard.

(all that said, good people do recieve some of rewards without abusing them)

Which path is “right” is a totally different and more complex discussion.

“How can you claim a second coming if you can’t even provide evidence of a first?”

“How can you claim a second coming if you can’t even provide evidence of a first?”


Dear theists,

The assumptions are really bothering me. I get it, you believe in a god(or multiple) and that is fine, but please stop assuming everyone else does too. 

When you see a post about someone struggling and you don’t know their religion please try to refrain from religious comments. I get that you’re just trying to be kind, and I’m not trying to attack you for it, but its not helpful to someone who isn’t religious. 

Why do you say “God is on your side” instead of “you’ll get through this”
Why do you say “God will keep you strong” instead of “You are strong and you’ll be okay”

Even if you believe that a god is the one doing it for them its just respectful to leave your religion out of comfort that is for them (Unless you know that they too share similar beliefs, that is totally different).

This isn’t just for atheists, its for atheists, agnostics, deists, polytheists, and anyone else who doesn’t share similar beliefs.

It’s about respecting other people. 

Support doesn’t have to be theistic–

 Thanks, TOA

“God is, to me, pretty much a myth created over time to deny the idea that we’re all…”

“God is, to me, pretty much a myth created over time to deny the idea that we’re all responsible for our own actions.”

Seth Green