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Santa or no Santa?

I’m gonna start off by saying that there is no right or wrong way to parent and a child growing up without Santa is not necessarily missing something extraordinary nor is a child growing up with Santa being abused. 

I am currently reading Parenting Beyond Belief which takes a look at different perspectives of this topic and talks about it from all sides. 

There are a lot of reasons to have your children believe in Santa; imagination, innocent belief in magic, trial run at free thinking your way out, and more. 

There are also a lot of reasons not to involve the Santa myth in your child’s life; its association with a religious holiday, not wanting to lie to your kids, teaching your kids not to blindly believe what you or anyone else says. 

Personally my theistic, yet irreligious mother always told us about the “spirit of Santa”, she never said the person was real or that he brought us gifts(though she did take us to sit on the laps of the store Santa’s and had us watch holiday movies) so when our disbelief came out she would say “I never lied, I give you gifts on Christmas out of the spirit of Santa- so the spirit of Santa brings you gifts.” ~ it was like her own loop hole/get out of jail free card. 

My favorite perspective from the book so far was (and sadly I can’t remember who’s piece it was) the parent who chose to tell their child it was pretend, that, no, Santa isn’t real, but we can pretend he is for fun.

I don’t know if I’ll teach my own kids about Santa, or the Easter bunny(in the sense that they’re real, regardless I will teach them about it)… especially because I’m not sure if I want to celebrate Easter or Christmas yet.

However I am curious to hear your guys’ position on it. 

So Santa or no Santa? (Easter bunny, toothfairy, all apply as well..)

Happy Zombie Jesus day!

Happy Zombie Jesus day!

The weekend when Christians celebrate a non-Christian, pagan…

The weekend when Christians celebrate a non-Christian, pagan holiday and offer up praises to a scapegoat who died temporally (for three days to be exact), so that you can be saved eternally. It’s odd how a temporary sacrifice saves you eternally, but temporary infractions damn you eternally. I will never again practice this backward religion.

Foster Parents Lose Children Because They Wouldn’t Tell Them the Easter Bunny and Santa Were Real


Derek and Frances Baars seem like they’d be fine foster parents. Both are in their 30s. He’s studying to be a pastor for the Reform Presbyterian Church of North America while she’s a nanny with a degree in education. Most importantly, while they’re unable to have kids of their own, they want to open their home to kids who need loving parents. All of that looks great on paper.

The problem, as the Children’s Aid Society Of Hamilton (in Ontario) saw it, was that the couple also said they had no desire to tell their future kids about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny “as they do not wish to lie to children.”

History writer: Jesus probably never existed — here’s why Christianity emerged anyway


With Easter coming, some people are debating whether the resurrection of Jesus really happened. Others are debating whether Jesus was even real.