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Your fear of being a creep is not equivalent to my fear of being raped.

My brother is an amazing conversationalist. He can make me consider things in ways I wouldnt of even thought of. He can make me question a stance I have held for years.

But sometimes, every once in a while, he says something that is so ignorant it makes my brain freeze.

We had a long car ride so we talked a lot. About everything. It was great.

He then brought up women responding differently to those they find attractive vs those they dont. While I agreed, there are definitely some instances where this is over the top and occurs, a lot of times what people take as rude to someone theyre not attracted to is actually fear of turning them down. Fear of the response if they have to say no. Fear of what happens if no doesnt work.

I brought up how were taught our whole lives how to avoid being kidnapped and raped by men. Its not every guys fault, but its every girls burden.

His response was “do you know how hard that is on men though? How much fear there is in being labled a creep? Girls are trained to find the bad in us”

Im sorry, but your fear of being seen as a creep is not the equivilant to my fear of being raped.

You mean you had to be extra polite and courteous to women so they wouldnt be afraid of you?

Well I had the same curfew when I was 18 that my 10 year old brother had.

You had to be extra cautious not to offend a girl? Well I wasnt allowed to go anywhere without some one else, ESPECIALLY not the bathroom.

I was trained to never be alone, if I think someones following me pretend im on the phone, check in every hour, and never walk on the side of the road where an idle vehicle is. Never be too forward or too reserved.

If you’re rude or too pushy you get labled a creep. If im rude or too pushy I get raped.

Its not the same thing.

How the hell did it ever get to the point wher…

How the hell did it ever get to the point where women were not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia

It can’t be sharia law because there were no cars 1,400 years ago. In any case, sharia law granted women lots of rights that were unavailable to women in Christian countries during those years, including the right to a prenup and the right to work.

In more complicated news, the Salafism practiced in Saudi Arabia is not recognised by other Muslims around the world (who tend to be Sunni or Shia). The nation state of Saudi Arabia is not being maintained by the world’s Muslims, then, but by a combination of the United Kingdom (who established and funded it originally) and the United States (who keeps giving them huge amounts of money and weapons). The United Kingdom and the United States keep funding this state which is antithetical to their stated democratic, liberal values for political and economic reasons. 

So, it’s the only religious chestnut of controlling women. What better way to control women than prevent them from driving? Because it’s not so much the sight of a woman in a car that they find so offensive, but the idea of a woman being independently mobile. 

Somewhere in America

Somewhere in America:

If you haven’t seen this you need to.

If you have you need to watch it again.

Watch it again, and again, and again until you H E A R it.

And when you hear it you’ll want to watch it again.

Women have been complicit in their own oppress…

Women have been complicit in their own oppression from time immemorial.

“Apparently this could change the whole philos…

“Apparently this could change the whole philosophy of the country.”

“Fingers crossed.”

The Eighth Amendment is to be removed from the…

The Eighth Amendment is to be removed from the Irish constitution. 

For the first time in Irish history, women are equal citizens under the law.

We won.

The Catholic Church in Ireland has been partic…

The Catholic Church in Ireland has been particularly unpleasant to women in a variety of ways. If you are an Irish woman and still an observant Catholic, I can only assume you have some sort of Helsinki Syndrome.

There will be a referendum in Ireland to repea…

There will be a referendum in Ireland to repeal the Eighth Amendment (which would effectively decriminalise abortion) on Friday, May 25th.

This blog supports a vote to repeal, for reasons which are outlined in some detail here

I understand women’s rights may not be directly related to atheism, so I’m going a bit off the reservation here, but you can expect more pro-choice stuff until we get the Eighth Amendment removed. 

Hopefully, after May 25, I’ll never have to post about it again.

I understand why you might want to be submissi…

I understand why you might want to be submissive in a marriage, or in any other situation. Some women are naturally submissive and they should behave however they like and that’s their own business.

What I don’t get is why anyone feels qualified to tell other women that they should also be submissive wives. 

This is the biggest problem atheists have with religions: they insist on imposing their opinions on everyone else. 

The Quran does not allow for men to beat their…

The Quran does not allow for men to beat their wives. It’s out of context.

*sighs* If i had a penny for every time i heard the excuse “it’s out of context” i would be a billionaire by now.

The quran does permit the men to beat his wife. Chapter 4 (An-Nisa), verse 34: “Men have authority over women by [right of] what Allah has given one
over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth.
So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s]
absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom
you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist],
forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you
[once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted
and Grand.” So you’re not only allowed to beat them, but also to rape them.

Either way many imans seem to support and encourage this. In a muslim country it’s ok to beat your wife, no one would see it as strange or think badly of you. Besides, the quran is god’s word. Are you doubting god’s words?