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Are you a cis girl?

Are you a cis girl?

Good question! Please let me know 😂😂😂

Uhm, on a real note, I am a female who is extremely masculine presenting and currently unsure.

I am still trying to understand gender, and understand myself, and I haven’t quite figured it out yet.


Dear… Everyone.

Dear lesbians who have hit on me, Im flattered. Imma tell you I’m into men pretty quick because I dont want to waste your time, NOT because im in anyway upset about you flirting. Please dont feel negative shit when I inform you, we’re chill, nothing negative happened!!!

Dear staight dudes who assume I’m gay or trans(or anyone who does, but especially straight dudes because they seem to have the most issue when their assumptions are wrong), we got no hard feelings. I have no shame in being called “he” or a lesbian. You did not offend me. Im gonna tell you otherwise because thats my truth, but we’re chill.

Dear people who ask me if Im “sure” or tell me that “you know im actually gay” or deny that I can express myself in such masculine ways without being LGBT, youre a pain in my ass and need to reevaluate why you think you know better than someone else about who THEY are.

Dear bullys, I see you. Dont think I dont see you. Don’t think that because youre LGBT that you arent bullying me when you verbally attack me for “pretending to be gay” or “trying to be special. Don’t think that because you’re straight you know what straight looks like/how its supposed to be. Dont think that because I make you uncomfortable that makes it okay to attack me. Why do I make you uncomfortable?

Dear homophobes, if you attacked me because you "thought” I was gay or trans, you still attacked me. You dont get a pass because you were wrong about my identity. Im not gonna be like “oh shit, you MEANT to attack an LGBT person? Well were cool”. Your homophobia alone makes me dislike you. You need to reevaluate and fix yourself… Or just fall into a deep hole. Whichever it takes.

Dear people who deny that this shit happens, you make dealing with it even harder. My issues with the ways that being gnc effects my social moments are not “just internalized homophobia”. My issues are with my identity being ignored, denied, and twisted and being verbally attacked and threatened for existing.

Dear other cishet gnc people, the opposite sex not being attracted to you is not oppression. The glimpses of homophobia you get treated to does NOT make you entitled to LGBT peoples narratives. You can talk about your issues without stopping others from talking about theirs or comparing them! Please do not create more hate/issues for me to deal with.

Dear everyone,

I am female, I like men, I look masculine(and love it). I exist. No hard feelings?