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Are you a cis girl?

Are you a cis girl?

Good question! Please let me know 😂😂😂

Uhm, on a real note, I am a female who is extremely masculine presenting and currently unsure.

I am still trying to understand gender, and understand myself, and I haven’t quite figured it out yet.


Dear… Everyone.

Dear lesbians who have hit on me, Im flattered. Imma tell you I’m into men pretty quick because I dont want to waste your time, NOT because im in anyway upset about you flirting. Please dont feel negative shit when I inform you, we’re chill, nothing negative happened!!!

Dear staight dudes who assume I’m gay or trans(or anyone who does, but especially straight dudes because they seem to have the most issue when their assumptions are wrong), we got no hard feelings. I have no shame in being called “he” or a lesbian. You did not offend me. Im gonna tell you otherwise because thats my truth, but we’re chill.

Dear people who ask me if Im “sure” or tell me that “you know im actually gay” or deny that I can express myself in such masculine ways without being LGBT, youre a pain in my ass and need to reevaluate why you think you know better than someone else about who THEY are.

Dear bullys, I see you. Dont think I dont see you. Don’t think that because youre LGBT that you arent bullying me when you verbally attack me for “pretending to be gay” or “trying to be special. Don’t think that because you’re straight you know what straight looks like/how its supposed to be. Dont think that because I make you uncomfortable that makes it okay to attack me. Why do I make you uncomfortable?

Dear homophobes, if you attacked me because you "thought” I was gay or trans, you still attacked me. You dont get a pass because you were wrong about my identity. Im not gonna be like “oh shit, you MEANT to attack an LGBT person? Well were cool”. Your homophobia alone makes me dislike you. You need to reevaluate and fix yourself… Or just fall into a deep hole. Whichever it takes.

Dear people who deny that this shit happens, you make dealing with it even harder. My issues with the ways that being gnc effects my social moments are not “just internalized homophobia”. My issues are with my identity being ignored, denied, and twisted and being verbally attacked and threatened for existing.

Dear other cishet gnc people, the opposite sex not being attracted to you is not oppression. The glimpses of homophobia you get treated to does NOT make you entitled to LGBT peoples narratives. You can talk about your issues without stopping others from talking about theirs or comparing them! Please do not create more hate/issues for me to deal with.

Dear everyone,

I am female, I like men, I look masculine(and love it). I exist. No hard feelings?

doodlepede:I love this. credit to Cynderthedr…


I love this.
credit to Cynderthedragon5768 on DeviantArt.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 im dead

This is soooo innaccurate.

“Women have two eggs” – no, biologically a majority of females have two ovaries and are born with about 1 million eggs, that dies down to about 300000 by puberty.

As for chromosomes there are xx, xy, xo, xxx, xxy, xxyy, and MORE.

“A man will still be born with a fully functional penis and testicles. A women will still be born with a fully functional vagina” A female born with xo often doesnt develop breasts or functioning reproductive organs. Many females and males produce differing levels of testosterone and estrogen. Including males who have testosterone intolerances and females who have estrogen intolerances. This means many females and many males dont develop the sex characteristics often associated with their sex.

And ALL of that ignores the main fact, which is sex and gender are NOT synonymous. As agreed by most scientific fields, including biology, psychology, and sociology.

Thanks. Come again!

So..i’m Curious


Reblog if you are no longer the religion you were raised in/atheist because of:

1: Child Abuse

2: Gender Identity

3: Sexual Orientation

4: CSA


6: Trauma

*I was not raised in religion– reblogging so people can read all the responses of those who were— not all religion is bad, but lets stop pretending all religion is good* 



I still dont understand gender.

Not mine.

Not anyone elses.

Not even the concept as a stand alone.

Idk, im all of the confused…

Unity. Race ~ gender ~ sexuality


Race ~ gender ~ sexuality

Dear anti-transgender people…

I get it, you believe that sex and gender are the same thing. You believe that if you have a penis you’re a man. If you have a vagina you’re a woman. Nothing else. Just your genitals decide if you’re a man or a woman. 

So, for a second I’m going to humor you. I’m going to pretend that there are just two positions and those positions are determined by your genes and what genitals you have. 

I will even go so far as to pretending that all births are xx or xy (which ignores the fact that 1-4 births aren’t). 

Here’s the thing, if the only thing that determines gender is sex that means anything not relating to your penis or vagina has nothing to do with gender. 

That means that styles/looks(so clothes, makeup, body modifications, colors, hair cuts/body hair, etc), body types, jobs, hobbies, essentially EVERYTHING (except maybe urinals and pads/tampons) has nothing to do with gender.

That means when you see a 5′11″ person with a strong build, a beard, wearing a football uniform walks into the woman’s bathroom because she has a vagina you need to not even question it, because none of that has to do with gender(which, according to you, is only based off of whether or not something has a penis or vagina). 

It means that men can wear dresses, skirts, pink and purple, have gorgeous long curly hair, shave their legs, paint their nails and do basically anything that gender roles, rules, and expectations say they shouldn’t. 

Because here’s the thing you can’t claim sex is the only factor in determining someones gender- you cant claim sex and gender are the same thing- until you’re willing to accept that gender isn’t decided by anything BUT sex.

You say someone is less of a man or less of a woman because they don’t act “masculine” or “feminine” and marginalize them, and bully them, and tell them they don’t belong, and scream at them when they walk into a bathroom that matches their sex because they don’t look like that gender, but when they start to identify with the gender that matches them and they try to use the bathroom that fits their gender identity you claim the only thing that decides their gender is sex. 

I’m sorry you can’t have both. So pick one. 

Is gender and sex the same thing? okay then the only thing that belongs to a gender is the genitals. 

Are they different things? Are their roles, rules, and expectations of a gender? Well than it’s time you start accepting the fact that people have the right to identify as the gender that fits them.

Happy pride month to all LGBT+ members! A special shout out to…

Happy pride month to all LGBT+ members! 

A special shout out to those still finding themselves! 

Men and sex.

A man is expected and assumed to love sex at all times

What man doesnt love sex? 

A man doesnt want a girl for anything but sex, right?

A woman raping a man? Any mans dream in a nutshell. 

Every boy only has one thing on his mind.

Your boyfriend doesnt want to have sex with you ? he must be cheating. 

You two arent having sex? Why are you holding out on him? 

You know he just wants to fuck you. 

Why havent you hit that yet? Is she holding out on you? 

How often do you hear about a man choosing to not have sex? How often do you hear about it in a positive way?

Why arent men provided with a chance to say no? Why are they EXPECTED to want sex? Why are we allowing these assumptions to continue? 

Dear men,
You dont have to want sex. You can say no. You can say no for one night, you can wait until your at a certain point in a relationship, you can wait until you’re married, you can have little to no interest at all. You can say no. You can admit and be not ready for sex. If you say no and someone continues, thats rape and they are monsters – Im sorry if you ever experience this. I’m sorry if you currently or ever feel like you need to be sexually ready at all times. I’m sorry that youre not given the chance to not want sex. I’m sorry you arent always given the choice because people expect to know the answer. I’m sorry. 

 Lets speak out, we cant change everyones mind, but we can introduce some new perspective. Lets start a new conversation. 

*note- Opening this conversation does NOT damage or take away from the discussions of woman in sexual situations ~ its simply expanding on the topic*


I hate genderization of any kind. 

With the small exception of pronouns(simply because they’re a part of speech) I truly dont care for gender conformity, in fact I’m 100% against it. 

Put bows in your baby boys hair, dress your girls in rocketships and blue baseball shirts/onsies.

Let boys play with makeup and flowers and girls with mud and trucks. 

Let them do the opposite(or the “norm” )without being considered “traditional”. 

Call boys gorgeous and girls handsome. 

There is no right or wrong to being a person as long as you do no harm. 

I dont care what bathroom you use. I dont care what colors you like. I dont care if you wear skirts or pants. 

Beyond innocent curiosity (and sexual relationships) I truly dont care if you have a penis or not- frankly it has nothing to do with your interests. 

If you really think that what someone has in their pants gets to have a say in their hobbies/styles/interest then I truly think you need to reevaluate the way you think.  

P.S. Dont assume someone is trans or gay just because they dont follow gender stereotypes.