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Why do you think you can be good without god?

A. I’m a good person currently and I don’t believe a god exists.

B. I don’t believe that a god controls whether or not we have the strength to do good things and if one does then theyre clearly failing a lot of individuals.

C. I have yet to see a religion that doesnt support illogically violent punishments or “morals” that appear cruel, nor have I seen a religion that doesn’t contradict itself.

D. There are thousands of secular individuals who are currently good people.

E. I know for a fact that we has human beings have the capability to evolve and improve our understandings of whats right and wrong(and it is shown consistently through our history and progression). We have the capability to expand our perspectives and listen to others speak the harms that have been done to them and to correct/prevent those harms in the future.

F. There are other moral codes/guides that dont involve theism and are open to corrections and amendments unlike a holy script that is not open to amendent or was written hundreds or thousands of years ago and then translated/written in different versions an unimaginable number of times.

I am being the best person I can be, and I dont think a god is apart of that. I think it would be personally foolish of me to pick one specific version of one specific religion and hope its the right one and proceed to follow it without question as many demand.

I believe it would be irresponsible to allow myself to think that is going to make me a better person.

Im not the best I can be yet, but I work towards it everyday. Every opportunity to do some good I take. If someone speaks about their experiences I listen. I read. I allow myself to learn and leave my veiws open to change.


Admit you were wrong. Apologize. Understand that you’re fallible. You make mistakes. You hurt people. Apologize. That’s growth; understanding you did something wrong and working towards making things right.

This is what makes a good person.

A good person is not someone who never makes a mistake or never causes harm.

A good person is someone who recognizes their mistakes, corrects them, apologizes for them, and avoids making more.



John 20:29

That seems exactly what someone trying to fool you with something they made up would say.

“Our god is real, you cannot see, hear, smell or taste him. But believe us he is real!”


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“Our cult is about love!” *Whips child until he believes*


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This is even more ridiculous than Cheesus Crust! (That Jesus-in-grilled cheese)


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BDSM, Christian edition!




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Being LGBT+ and Christian aren’t mutually exclusive????? Stop acting like they are??? Stop alienating people in general???
My whole family is Christian and I’m pretty sure my grandma would be appalled (like I am) that these people refused to tip their waitress on the grounds of her tattoo

People need to stop using “Christian” and “LGBT+” like antonyms it’s offensive af

Since the Bible literally says to kill gays, I think “Chiristan” and “LGBT” are pretty exclusive of each other.


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Looks more like that clown-puppet from the Saw films.


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Tis better to have a mind opened by wonder, than one closed by belief.


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This is so 90’s in the worst way.